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Body-Solid Padded Ankle Strap

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Simple accessories can add a lot more than you'd think to your workout. If you're a home gym owner, don't neglect the little add-ons that can truly make your workout experience at home mirror your workout at a commercial fitness facility. Once you've spent decent money on a home gym, it's silly not to have accessories such as this padded ankle strap, in order to maximize your muscles.

Lined with thick man-made wool for total comfort, the Body-Solid Leather Ankle Strap is to be attached to a low pulley on home gyms. Once you attach the strap to the low cable pulley on your home gym, it is easy to perform effective lower body exercises such as glute kickbacks and inner outer thigh workouts. You can use this ankle strap as an attachment with any home gym. This ankle strap is 2.9" W x 5.1"L x 1.9"H. Call one of our fitness experts right now if you have any questions about the sale price, shipping, warranty or usage of the Body-Solid Padded Ankle Strap. This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

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