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Monthly Archives: August 2009

  1. From Sidestreets to Treadmills

    I'd always considered myself the out-doorsy type, and never taken much to gyms or workout equipment for that matter. About 2 months ago, I found myself skipping out on my daily jogs, by lack of motivation. After deciding that a gym membership might inspire me to exercise, since after all I would be paying $30 a month, I couldn't be happier with my decision. I go at least four times a week now, and exercise all parts of body that simply jogging did not sculpt. After about an hour on the elliptical, weights, treadmill, and crunches, followed by a 15 minute hot tub session, I've never felt so revived. I can also pay attention to the numbers of calories and miles I'm burning, and build plans for each week to exceed the previous. I have an entirely new respect for gyms and trainers now, and can't wait to start building my own home gym soon!

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  2. Exercise for a Cause!

    Trying to stay motivated to work out this summer? Consider exercising for a cause! Look into your local newspaper and online for ad's about marathons, triathalons, and walks that benefit a charity or cause you support. Whether it's a walk for breast cancer, a race for AIDS, or even a march for Diabetes, think of forms of exercise that not only you main gain from, but others as well. If your struggling for inspiration, I guarantee nothing will feel more inspiring than helping a group in need. Not only will you be building killer calf muscles, you'll me drawing awareness to a good cause!

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  3. How to Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels While Exercising

    As you probably already know, aerobic exercise such as walking helps you control your weight. But did you also know that just one session of walking you can lower your blood sugar by 20 to 30%? Diabetic or not, many people these days are coming closer and closer to having high blood sugar levels, by a combination of not eating healthy and not exercising. One tip for keeping your blood sugars in a good range while exercising is to eat something 30 minutes before your walk (so your numbers don't drop too low with your increased metabolism). Another tip is to check your blood sugar levels before and after every walk (to prevent drops), and walk at least every other day. Once a routine habit is introduced to your daily life, your sugar levels will start to stay at a healthier level, than if you were inactive.  Just remember, once you take just one day off, it can take months to get back on the saddle!

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  4. Fitness Equipment Stores

    Just want to say hello to all of our awesome customers and potential clients. The Kings of Cardio on are track to help California lose 10,000 pounds. We are able to help our home state and other athletes across the nation stay in shape because we offer health club quality fitness equipment at rock bottom prices and most importantly, we the Kings of Cardio follow up with their customers in order to make sure the equipment that we provide them with gets used! Yesterday I walked into Sports Chalet to get some exercise mats and I saw that they were selling a brand new precor AMT 100i for $7500.00+tax+shipping! WOW! We offer the same unit for $2000.00 less! We know how tough making a living is in this economy and we have adjusted the prices of our home gym gear and cardio fitness equipment accordingly.

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  5. Don't Let the Summer Heat Get the Best of You

    Like everyone else this summer, I am struggling to keep my daily outdoor workouts in the summer heat. My 45 minute jogs have turned into 30 minute walks, and my 30 minute walks are starting to turn into 15 minute strolls. I recently joined a friend of mine on a trip to the gym with a guest pass, and for the first time since it broke 80 degrees was able to fit in a full hour work out. And boy did it feel amazing! After 30 minutes (and 2 miles) on the treadmill, 15 minutes (and a mile) on the elliptical, and 15 minutes of weights, I felt my entire body thirsting for more. It's funny how easy it is to fall in and out of the groove, and I've learned the hard way that once you give up on strength training workout, it can be difficult at least to start back up. But don't let the summer heat get to you. Try jogging in the late evening after the sun sets, early mornings, and if your still struggling with the heat, take your workout indoors, as I did. Wherever you are though, remember to drink

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