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Monthly Archives: October 2010

  1. Exercise Training Program

    Total body workouts are necessary in order for us to look and feel our best. Workouts focused on only cardio (running), or solely on strength training (weight lifting), are tremendously less effective than training programs that incorporate both cardiovascular and strength exercises. Benefits of aerobic exercise include reducing blood pressure, strengthening of respiratory muscles, lower stress, improved mental health, healthier circulation, better looking skin and more. Lifting weights is tremendous for your muscle development, healthy bones and looking like an athlete!

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  2. Home Gym Report: 10 GREAT Gyms to Buy New or Used

    10 GREAT GYMS WITH GREAT WARRANTIES FOR YOUR HOME 1.) Body-Solid 1500s - The Body-Solid EXM 1500S is literally the Consumer Magazine Best Buy #1 Home Gym! Workout your hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, triceps, latissimus dorsi, back, abdominal muscles and much more on this consumer favorite Body-Solid home gym. 2.) Body-Solid G9 S- Telescoping, Chrome Plated, Gas-Assist Adjustable Seat Posts for Easy Adjustments and Ergonomically Correct Body Positioning 3.) BodyCraft Galena Pro - A poor mans Express Pro, but great gym nonetheless. 4.) Life Fitness G7 - Not my favorite gym on the list because it is just so expensive. High quality, high price, low value. 5.) Precor S3.23 - The Precor S3.23 F
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  3. Speed Training vs. Distance

    Running at the track is fun, but inconvenient and many of us have schedules that are too busy to squeeze time in at the local track. Outdoor running routines can be done on treadmills indoors, however, some of the variables of running outdoors are hard to simulate through running on a treadmill indoors. For instance, one of our favorite clients was telling me her story of assimilation from running at her son's high school track, to running indoors. Her routine consisted of running 8 laps around the track, 5 days a week. She would sprint the corners and jog the straight aways and was curious as to how she could optimally replicate that exact routine on her Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill, which has turned her basement into a smaller version of the track at her son's school. We are looking for more stories like this. Detailed workout routines that have been traditionally performed outdoors, but have been translated to the indoor gym environment.

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