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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  1. The Best New Year's Resolution: Help a Friend Get in Shape!

    Make your New Years resolution health oriented. Popular resolutions include stop smoking, drink less, get a better job, take a trip, manage debt and get fit. Getting fit and losing weight are easier said than done. One must not become frustrated due to the difficulties associated with maintaining an effective exercise program. High energy levels will need to be sustained for at least thirty minutes a day and time must be made for physical activity. Cutting corners will not work for those who want to lose weight and build muscle. Striving for protection and giving it your all, is the way to becoming fit. If you have the will and determination to see the world through the eyes of a healthy and fit physique, then now is the time to start your quest towards optimal health. There is no better time than now to start losing weight, building muscle and increasing your confidence. January 1st, 2011, what a great time to start working out and exercising. If it is too cold to run outside where

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  2. What's Better? Precor or Life Fitness?

    What fitness equipment brand is the best? Precor or Life Fitness? If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what was better between the two, well, you know the saying. People love asking those who are the know, what brand is their favorite between the empirically recognized Life Fitness and Precor brands, often times, with the intent to showcase their perspective on the matter. Life Fitness produces award winning exercise equipment year after year and has done so for over two decades. Precor has done the same. There are no substantial mechanical or structural advantages held by one company over the other. Stick with the Precor or Life Fitness equipment that you are used to. That is the answer to the question of which brand is better. For those that have never used Precor or Life Fitness exercise equipment, neither brand is better than the other, both are great. Therefore, it comes down to what the user feels more comfortable on. Some people love the fact that Precor cross-trai

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  3. Hit the Ground Running

    Hit the ground running. On second thought, that may not be a great idea. Running surfaces similar to and including concrete, are detrimental towards the health of your knees, ankles and joints. Natural grass in phenomenal is an awesome surface to run on, however the overwhelming majority of us do not run on natural grass as part of our daily fitness routine. With that said, there are far too many of us who run outside on our local streets. Pavement is one of the worst surfaces to run on. The shock being absorbed by your ankles, knees and hips from running on asphalt, is the cause for injuries that can potentially plague you throughout your running career. Crucial to ones decision making process when purchasing a treadmill should be the effectiveness of its shock absorption system. Budget and low priced treadmills rarely have relevant suspension systems. The word relevant is used because the suspension systems, or lack there of, on cheap and lightweight treadmills, is not even worth add

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  4. Best Holiday Gift Idea: Exercise Equipment

    The best holiday gift idea is to buy fitness equipment for your family and friends. Nothing shows that you truly care about someone more than buying them something that is expected to increase their quality of health. Sweaters, shoes and ties are gifts for the birds. You want to make your brother happy? You want to help your wife get that figure back that she use to have? Buy fitness equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike for them. Help your friends and family build a home gym that will last for over 10 years. If you really want to help someone feel better about themselves and help them improve their physical fitness, buy them a holiday gift that will be sure to make a positive difference in their life!

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  5. Treadmill Running Decks & Suspension Systems

    Aches and pains will be a part of your life if you exercise on treadmills that do not have suspension systems that are proven to minimize the amount of stress you put on your body from running on an unnatural surface. Runners across the globe have various injuries from running on streets, treadmills and other surfaces that are not good for knees, ankles, hips and other joints. Protecting your joints from damage that can lead to debilitating aches and pains later in life. Running decks and belts have substantial impacts on the effectiveness of the suspension system and treadmill. Designed to absorb shock and support the treadbelt, running decks are crucial variables when discussing the suspension system and longevity of a treadmill. For those who are tall, heavy, or plan to run aggressively on the treadmill, the size and construction of its deck are essential. Also, if you have health issues, such as joint and back pain, the quality of the running deck is just as important. Treadmill

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  6. Special Elliptical Feature: The Adjustable Stride Length

    Elliptical machines with adjustable stride lengths are great for the home. One of the many reasons that these kind of elliptical's are especially good buys for home usage is that having an adjustable stride length allows people with various leg lengths and stride lengths to feel comfortable on the same machine! People that have differences in height and weight have a hard time feeling comfortable on the same unit as one another. An 18" stride length will feel natural for someone who is 5'5. However, that same 18" stride will not conform to the natural walking, jogging and running motions of a someone who does not maintain the same build as them. Traditionally, families have been unable to buy 1 elliptical that works for everyone in the home. With the arrival of the new cross trainers with adjustable strides, adults and their children can work out on the same elliptical machine, without sacrificing comfort. Life fitness, Precor and other fitness equipment brands have developed health

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  7. Resistance Tubes & Stability Balls

    Creative approaches to staying in shape at home have proven to be effective means of staying physically fit. Lately, the most popular pieces of fitness gear for home usage have been resistance tubes and stability balls. Although stability balls have been in gyms for over 20 years, it has been in the last several years that home workout programs have been developed around stability balls through the mass production of training DVD sets. Unlike gym rated treadmills and elliptical trainers, stability balls are cost efficient. A good stability ball costs around 50$ and will not take up more space than a desk chair. There are easy ways to exercise at home that are affordable and do not take up lots of room. Traditional forms of equipment-less home exercise include sit-ups, push-ups, calf raises, standing arm-curls, as well as many other inventive techniques for staying fit. The point is, you do not need an entire basement or third floor to work out at home.

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  8. Exercising Makes Seniors Look Like Juniors!

    Staying fit through cardiovascular and strength training, is said to help eliminate and fight several illnesses and diseases that plague senior citizens such as arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression. However, less than 30% of senior citizens exercise on a daily basis. That statistic is astonishing considering the fact that it is a well known fact that cardiovascular exercise and aerobic conditioning is essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Frequent exercise reduces the risk for a heart attack or stroke, allows one to control their weight, as well as countless intangible mental benefits. People tend to forget the benediction physical activity has on the brain. Although some view working out as a chore, others use their time in the gym, or with their home gym, as fun and relaxing. Cardiovascular, aerobic and strength training are awesome ways to eliminate stress. Consistent exercise is not only for meat-heads who want

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