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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  1. Write Your Own Health and Fitness Blog

    Remind yourself everyday how important exercise through writing a blog. Often times, people like to put working out to the back of their mind and love to forget that it is there. Putting your thoughts in writing will be a great way to consistently remind yourself to exercise. It will be hard to lie to yourself when you are forced to put down on paper what physical training you did that day. Hopefully, you will have too much pride to let yourself write down that you did nothing to better your health for several days in a row. Turn yourself into a trainer through creating your own fitness blog. Teaching yourself about working out and writing things down will really help gain a better understanding of your health and level of physical fitness!

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  2. Build Your Own Home Gym!

    People that have home fitness equipment get to skip all of the hurdles one has to surpass in order to get in a workout at their local gym. Once you have a gym quality treadmill, elliptical and strength equipment, you can wave bye bye to traffic, bye bye gas money spent to get to gym and bye bye waiting in lines. Having health club quality fitness equipment in your home will lead to you spending more time exercising. Excuses such as the gym being closed, traffic being bad and long lines for machines, will al be a thing of the past, once you purchase fitness equipment for your home. Make it easy on yourself. Start with something simple like a stationary bike and an exercise mat, and then take it from there!

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  3. Start Your Day the Right Way: Exercise & Healthy Breakfast

    Breakfast is believed by many to be the most important meal of the day. Breakfast lays your foundation for the day, therefore, without a healthy breakfast, it is difficult to be as mentally alert and physically ready as you would if you had eaten a solid breakfast. People lose focus and do not perform well when they are hungry and this is why making sure you eat healthy foods for breakfast, is so very important. Say bye bye to coffee and doughnuts and say hello to oatmeal. Fruit, protein shakes, egg-whites and yogurt are other healthy breakfast ideas. Oatmeal can help reduce blood-sugar levels and cholesterol. Eggs have protein and essential amino acids. Yogurt has protein and B vitamins. If you really want to perform at your best all day long, make sure you stay true to eating healthy meals in the morning, instead of sugar filled doughnuts and coffee. Along with eating a light, protein filled breakfast, exercise in the morning is an awesome way to jump start your day! It c

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  4. Used and Remanufactured Fitness Equipment

    People are often surprised when they find out the true price of their favorite treadmill or cross-trainer. Most of us expect the Precor EFX 546 we use at the gym to be around $1500 or $2000 dollars, therefore we are stunned to find out that a new Precor EFX 546 will cost approximately $6500, if we want one for our home. Due to the expensive nature of gym rated, health club quality fitness equipment, there is an immense market for used, refurbished, and "certified remanufactured" fitness equipment, for those who do not want to spend over five thousand dollars for a treadmill or elliptical trainer. From a financial standpoint, buying used fitness equipment is awesome. Precor, Life Fitness and other gym rated exercise equipment, drops significantly in price once it has been used. However, many times, these "used" pieces of fitness equipment are actually showroom or floor demo models, some of which have less than 5 hours worth of total usage. Make sure you do your homework when shopping f

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  5. Create Competition When You Workout

    When using gym equipment at home, create competition among family members in order to maximize results. Tracking results from your workouts will really help everyone in the family set goals and try and out work one another. The same goes for gym members. For most of us, exercising with a friend brings out the best in us, because none of us want to look like wimps in front of people whom we respect. Having a workout partner prevents us from skipping days. It's a lot easier to be a no call, no show at the gym, if we don't have someone that's going to call us out on it. Get a friend to be your twin at the gym and it will optimize both of your fitness routines.

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  6. Stretch it Out!

    Before exercising, it helps to stretch your body out and get loose. When running at the track for example, it helps to jog for 1 lap and then take 10 to 15 minutes to stretch. Warming up your body and getting your muscles lose is very important for those who want to follow an optimal approach to exercising. Consequences of not stretching out include torn and strained muscles, that can ache for days, weeks and even months! At the end of the day, there is no reason that you should not stretch for at least once a day. When exercising, it is a good idea to stretch before and after you workout.

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  7. Avoid Gaining Weight by Using Exercise Equipment

    Regular use of exercise equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals, will help you avoid gaining weight. Frequent cardiovascular training is necessary for those who want to be healthy and fit. Running on treadmills and exercising on ellipticals are both great ways to keep your body looking and feeling fresh and strong. Cardiovascular training can also be performed on other fitness equipment including, but not limited to, stationary exercise bikes, stair climbers, steppers, stepmills, rowing machines, pilates equipment and treadmill/elliptical hybrids. At the end of the day, one must regularly exercise either outdoors, or with fitness equipment, in order to avoid gaining excess weight.

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  8. Exercising at Night - The Optimal Way

    When it is dark, cold and dangerous, running outdoors at night can be a bad idea. However, exercising in the comfort of your own home can be made easy through purchasing home fitness equipment. Eliminate the times that you feel like going for a long run or walk, but the conditions of night end up deterring you and you end up sitting at home in front of the TV eating a bowl of ice cream. There are only a couple times a day where we have the optimal amount of energy for exercising, do not let those times pass you up, because you do not want to take the necessary steps in order to get a good workout in. For some, that may mean not bundling up and running outside blindly in the cold of night. For other, that may mean not driving 15 miles to the gym you belong to. Home exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, stair climbers and home gyms, are necessary in order for you to take advantage of each and every time you are at home and have the urge to exercise!

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  9. Buy Home Fitness Equipment and Make Sure You Use It!

    Way too often, people let their home fitness equipment rest on the sidelines. Elliptical machines turn into nothing more than expensive coat hangers. Treadmills turn into glorified flooring, used to hold books and paperwork. Treadmills and ellipticals need to be used for exercise. Home fitness equipment is a necessary tool for those who want to workout at home and stay fit throughout the year. Regular use of treadmill machines, ellipticals, exercise bikes and stair steppers, will lead to fat loss and muscle development. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have healthier eating and sleeping habits, than those who do n

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  10. Family Workouts: Have Fun While Exercising at Home!

    Exercising at the gym is made easier when we bring a partner. Social interaction can make working out go by faster. Sports such as football, softball, basketball, golf and baseball are all great team sports that combine exercise and social interaction. In order to have fun working out at home. Unite your family as one by building a home gym that can be used by everyone. Multi-station home gyms such as the BodyCraft K2 and BodySolid EXM 3000, would serve as a great cornerstone for any home gym. Along with making sure you have some strength equipment and weights to lift, cardiovascular training is key to any exercise plan, so plan on buying either a treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, or stair stepper. Typically, home gyms are comprised of 2 to 3 pieces of cardiovascular training equipment such as a treadmill and an exercise bike, and there is one multi-station gym that several people can lift weights on at once.

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