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Monthly Archives: February 2011

  1. Buy the Perfect Treadmill

    When you purchase a treadmill make sure you buy one that has the right features and specs to accommodate your body type and running style. Treadmill running decks vary in size and people frequently make the mistake of purchasing a treadmill that has too small of a running area. If you are six feet tall and purchase a treadmill with a running deck that is 58" long and 18" wide, chances are, you will be unable to run with comfort. Making sure you have enough running room for your legs is essential. To understand the differences between treadmills that will and will not meet the criteria you need, please compare the Woodway ELG Treadmill and the Weslo CrossWalk 5.0 Treadmill with one another and you will immediately understand how some treadmill running decks are long and wide enough for basketball players, while some space and cost efficient treadmills are not big enough for anyone over five feet tall. The Woodway ELG treadmill has a running deck that is an astounding 88"L and 27"W. That

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  2. Continue to Follow Your Fitness Goals

    Remember the importance of setting goals while exercising. Walking into a gym without the slightest idea of what you are there to accomplish is not an optimal way to approach working out. Optimize your physical fitness routine by setting realistic, concrete goals for yourself and center your workouts around your personal goals. Those who follow a structured plan and approach exercise with a focused mentality will regularly see and feel better results than those who are aimless in their approach towards working out.

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