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Monthly Archives: March 2011

  1. Kettler X1 Upright Bike: Stationary Bike for Home Gyms

    Kettler developed an extremely reliable and user friendly upright bike in their latest exercise cycle, the Kettler X1. Its bio-mechanics allow its users to maintain an ergonomically correct biking motion that mimics a regular bike ride, without putting pressure on your knees. However, this awesome stationary upright cycle is no regular fitness bike. Its 75 different levels of intensity make this bike great to use for beginners and marathoners alike! In addition to its various training levels, this Kettler upright bike also has user interactive workout options that will keep your workouts fresh and innovative. Along with goal-oriented and motivational exercise programs, the electronic readouts such as heart rate and calories burned, create an interactive environment between the user and the bike. Due to its variety of programming options, and many different levels of intensity, training on this Kettler X1 Upright Bike remains fun and innovative and if you remain motivated to use it, i

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  2. Making the Most of your Workouts!

    For the past 2 months I have been doing a workout which has been great, I have already seen amazing results. I had gotten out of my workout because I was to busy working and making other excuses, I no longer had a ton of time to go to the gym so for a few months I was working out once, maybe two times a week if I was lucky. After a few months of this routine, I started to notice how out of shape I was getting and my energy level was way down. Due to the fact that I stopped exercising as much and had basically given up on my cardio and strength routines, I started to feel pretty lousy. So I made a commitment to get back in shape. Since the gym took up so much time and I didn't want to fall back into old habits of making excuses, I decided the first step would be to buy a piece of gym equipment for the house. This decision was due mostly in part to the fact that it will be much easier to work out whenever I want, instead of having to go to the gym, sit in traffic, hope someone isn't on

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  3. Kettler Fitness Equipment: The Award Winning CT 307

    This Kettler CT 307 Cross-Trainer is the best buy for any elliptical under $1500 in the fitness equipment industry. Period. Consumer Report magazine recently did an independent review on this Kettler elliptical and when all was said and done, they had nothing but praise to offer in their published analysis. Not everyone can spend a trillion dollars for an elliptical and that doesn't mean that they are out of luck. This Kettler Ct 307 is reasonable priced and has all of the great amenities used on more expensive models. Fort example, its 16 different levels of resistance and 8 interactive user programs make any workout feel like you are at the gym. Along with its varying various levels of intensity and multiple-user programs, workout feedback such as time, heart rate and calories burned are great for staying focused and they help motivate users reach their workout goals. Kettler has been an international force in the health and fitness industry since 1949. With a manufacturing base in

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