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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  1. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #12

    I haven’t blogged for a week now, because I haven’t exercised for a week now. Excuses: The Holidays. Shopping. Working extra hours. Snow. Each day I promised myself we would go to the gym, each day, another excuse. I swore that if we didn’t go after a week, I’d order our fitness equipment now, right now, and put it on payments. We’ve saved almost enough. It’s time. And, we didn’t go to the gym yesterday. So, I did it! I ordered an upright exercise bike, not a recumbent. My husband likes the upright better, and he’ll use it more often if it’s something he lkes, and it does take up less floor space. Until we finish the basement and turn it into a proper fitness room, floor space is of importance. So, it’s to arrive in the next week! I’ll be blogging about a piece of fitness equipment that I own. How cool is that?

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  2. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #11

    Alright, I’ve spent some time on the treadmill now and understand its lure. First, it is different than walking. By setting the pace there is a compulsion to keep walking at the speed you’ve set. Sure, you can slow it down, but the idea is to keep at it, right, and the Life Fitness treadmill does that, kind of eggs you on, makes you keep working. It’s good for my foot, too. Because of my Morton’s Nueroma, I shouldn’t bend my foot so much, where my toes join the ball of my foot, and because I’m not pushing myself off each step, moving myself forward, my foot stays flatter, and I can walk longer on the treadmill than on the track before the neuroma flares up its ugly head, so to speak. I enjoyed the different settings on the treadmill. The way I co

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  3. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #10

    In one of my last entries, I mentioned that I’ve yet to try the new Life Fitness 95T Series treadmills that I have heard rave reviews about and that I was going to test one out the next time I go to the gym. I figured treadmills were too much like walking, and wouldn’t bring anything new to the game and would hurt my knees and lower back. But my husband likes them, and it may well be one of the two exercise machines we end up buying ourselves. After some research, it seems as though there are some pretty sophisticated suspension systems on some of these new Life Fitness treadmills, so I look forward to shopping and testing some new ones. There is a good reason why I didn’t follow up on this until now. Fall has begun here in Cleveland, OH, which means it’s getting cold out, and the gym is filling up with people I haven’t seen there before. (We joined in early summer.) They’re coming inside in droves, from their jogging and walkin

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  4. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #9

    I just had this great idea! It’s coming up to the holidays and I’ve had family members ask me for a list of gifts I’d like. You know, those holiday exchanges where you get the third Snuggly in the same amount of years from your aunt or cousin. You’d love money, but you’re really not supposed to ask for that. They always put some limit on these gifts--$30 or something. And if you have a large family, you do that exchanging names thing where you end up getting picked by your cousin’s new wife who doesn’t know you from the family cat. So do this. Put one item on your list. A piggybank of their choice, but a cheap one—not a $30 piggy bank! Put the rest of the cash inside. Suggest that they write something personal on the piggy’s chest, such as: From my heart to yours. (Explain that you are saving for fitness equipment so you can stay strong and healthy in the years to come, so you can keep coming back to this yearly family ga

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  5. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #8

    It occurs to me that I tend toward the exercise equipment that allows me to sit down, such as the recumbent bike, the recumbent cross trainer, and recumbent elliptical, and when I started thinking about this, I realized why. One of my jobs—I have three jobs—requires me to be on my feet six hours a day. I work at a bookstore, part-time, and I shelve books, climb ladders, make displays, help customers, all on my feet, never sitting down. Even when I teach (I teach writing) I stand in front of a classroom. So, it makes sense that I like sitting-down kind of fitness equipment, and I’ve been testing them out for over a month now, trying to decide which one to buy, blogging about the ins and outs of different kinds of equipment. And I‘m close to a decision, almost there, but then I remembered the reason that my husband and I started out on this quest for good health and fitness—because of him, his heart surgery, and I haven’t been pay

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