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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  1. Sarah's Fitness Tip #5

    I’m going to steal this reflection from a friend of mine, Karen Sandstrom, who writes a blog called Pen in Hand, which is mostly about art and drawing, although she writes about other issues too, like weight and exercise—and birds and dogs, etc. Anyway, I thought that something she said was worth passing on, and is important to think about when we try to become healthier human beings and start up an exercise program. She talks about how we believe we are moral, good people, and if we make a promise to someone, we hold up our end, try our very best to keep that promise. Right? But when it comes to ourselves, we don’t always do that. We let things slide, find excuses. (Such as promising to ride that exercise bike three times a week, but then finding other things to take up that time.) We need to treat our promises to ourselves with the same integrity. It builds character. And you’ll feel good about yourself—not only for doing the thing you said you w

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  2. Sarah's Fitness Tip #4

    Random Fitness Tip Number 4 I’ve begun to notice a pattern in my friends who exercise the most. They shower in the evening, not in the morning. I’ve always taken my shower or bath in the morning—it simply made the best sense to me. But I will admit there are days I don’t exercise because I don’t want to bother taking that second shower. A few times I’ve skipped my fast-walking in the evening even if it’s a nice night out—or I’ve strolled instead of fast-walking, careful not to break a sweat. It sounds like a small thing, but I’m just passing it on: The people I know who remain the most active through the day happen to be those who shower before they go to bed. Think about it: What one small change can you make that will keep you more active?

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  3. Sarah's Fitness Tip #3

    Random Fitness Tip # 3 So, yes, I really do love exercising at home on my stationary bike rather than having to pack up water, Ipod, gym Id, etc, slog through the snow, drive a few miles, slog through the snow, and go into a humid gym where the bikes and other equipment sweats other people’s sweat. I really do use the stationary exercise bike more often because of the easier access. But, I can’t say that I’m all that fond of the bike’s seat. Wasn’t fond of it at the gym, either, which was one reason I preferred the recumbent, but my husband won out on the upright, and that’s a whole different story. The seat is too hard, even though it has gel padding. I tried to find an extra seat cover for it, but no luck. But a little ingenuity, and I’m feeling fine. What I did was drive to the upholstery store which isn’t far from home

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  4. Sarah's Fitness Tip #2

    Random Fitness tip #2 I’m learning to change my ways. Like getting the exercise bike, not wearing slippers in the house. It’s time to understanding that at some point old age will be a pain in the butt—literally, and in the bones. I worry that just walking up the stairs could be painful if I don’t get my act together now. So I look for ways to up the ante, to add a little bounce to my step. I have to clean house every week. Someone’s got to do it, right? And for years I’ve put on my favorite albums when I cleaned. Linda Rhonstadt’s Lush Life. Anything by Eva Casiddy (have you heard Song Bird???) Sometimes Vavaldi’s Four Seasons. Maybe you already get where I’m going with this. I like female singers with slow sad songs, or classical. But the other day my husband put on Bruce Springsteen and I forgot it was in there, and boy, did I get some cleaning done. I even added a few dance steps in-between the vacuuming and the

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  5. Sarah's Fitness Tip #1

    There’s nothing better than coming home from work and kicking off the shoes, putting on the slippers, right? Or having a whole day at home, never having to put on shoes at all. Those slippers so soft. Isn’t that the best feeling? But don’t do that. Leave those slippers under the bed. Maybe slip them on for the last half hour, while you’re in your pajamas or whatever you wear to bed. Because you relax too much with those slippers on. If you have to take off uncomfortable shoes when you get home, or, god forbid, high heels, put on your walking shoes, your tennis shoes, something that tells your body that you’re still awake, ready for anything. Let’s say that you notice a strange bird outside, down the street. Go out in your slippers to take a look? Probably not. In your shoes, yes. Same thing with going outside to say hi to a neighbor. Or even sitting still for too long. Slippers let you sit still longer. Sho

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  6. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #16

    Most everyone makes New Year resolutions, and many of those resolutions are to exercise. But goals are best met when you write up a plan, figure out exactly what you want, what you need, what is possible, what you can push yourself to doing better. Like saving money for retirement. Saying, “I’ll spend less,” is too open-ended, too generalized, too easy to dismiss when push comes to shove. Fitness experts say we need a routine. Buying the bike wasn’t good enough if I tell myself that I’ll get to it tomorrow. Tomorrow always sounds like a good idea, and easier than doing it today. The problem with exercise is that if you put it off, it gets harder. We went on vacation for a week between Christmas and New Years, to a farmhouse in the woods. The weather was supposed to be snowy and perfect for hikes. Instead it was cold, wet and dreary, and we stayed inside, in front of a cast iron stove, reading. Delightful, but now, one week later,

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