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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  1. The Fast and Furious: People Love CrossFit!

    What's the new health and fitness trend? What's the new nationwide fitness sensation you ask? Well, that answer is easy - CrossFit! Globally, there are approximately 3500 CrossFit-affiliated gyms and although CrossFit was created by Greg Glassman over a decade ago, there has been a relatively recent CrossFit phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down. Jumping rope, sprinting, rowing and weightlifting are all a part of CrossFit. Instead of using treadmills, stair climbers and bench press machines, CrossFit workouts use exercise balls, kettle-bells, pull-up bars, gymnastic rings and simple body-weight exercises such as push-us and sit-ups and its just a much more organic workout than going to the gym. CrossFit classes are challenging and changing peoples lives who before they found CrossFit, were unable to regularly attend any sort of fitness training sessions. CrossFit just has that IT factor. It's addictive. Its exhilarating workouts take less than 30

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  2. Make a List of Goals for your Health & Fitness

    Losing weight, getting fit and working up a sweat feels really good and it's good for us. Exhilarating, exhausting, everyday workouts are amazing for your heart, body and soul! Doesn't it just seem like people who are in shape are having a much better time than overweight people? Of course fit people are happier, after all, they get to lead a much livelier life than those who tire easily and can not physically handle an entire day of fun activities such as hiking or biking. Shortly after waking up and drinking a full glass of cold water, I started my workout today and it is hard to describe how great it feels to pump iron and run on the treadmill after. Evidently, based off of obesity rates, most people don't love exercising as much as I do, or as you probably do, if you are reading this health and fitness blog. But, I have found it difficult to routinely make it happen at the gym. Making a list of the goals I want to accomplish each week really helps me stay focuse

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  3. Read the #1 Reason You Need to Buy a Treadmill!

    Do you run enough? Scientists at Harvard have concluded through extensive research that running for at least an hour each week can reduce your chances of coronary heart disease by over forty percent. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for running on a treadmill and in my opinion the main reason to run is because neglecting cardiovascular exercise such as running, can be detrimental for your overall well being.  Optimized health and fitness plans certainly incorporate a good amount of running, jogging, climbing and other intense aerobic activity into its game-plan. Treadmills are much better for your joints than running outside on the streets. Roads have very little shock absorption and city streets expose your lungs to car fumes . Pavement is terrible for our knees, and running on a treadmill instead of concrete reduces your chances of getting a stress fracture by approximately fifty percent. If you do want to run outside and there are some people who love running outdoo

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