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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  1. Healthy Nutrition and Working Out are the Cornerstones for Preventive Healthcare

    Preventive medicine is the key to a healthy life. Maintaining a balanced diet of healthy, nutritional food and abiding by a disciplined fitness routine, are the cornerstones of preventive healthcare. Undisciplined eating habits will turn your lifestyle upside down. Procrastinating instead of participating in physical fitness will turn you into an obesity stat. Concentrate on staying fit and you will be less vulnerable to sickness. Preventive healthcare is eating real food and exercise. People tend to wait until they are legitimately sick before they change their eating habits and begin to exercise on a regular basis. Do your best to control your future through staying away from junk food and staying true to an effective fitness program.

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  2. Dynamic Fitness Training: Intramural Sports

    There are other ways to get in shape other than dry daily grinds at the gym. Listen up people. You will have a lot more fun working out if you can incorporate playing sports with friends into your weekly workout routine. Running on a treadmill in your garage or going to your health club on a daily basis is just too vanilla for those looking to have a more colorful workout portfolio. It is wildly improbable for people to continue exercising if they genuinely dislike the exercises at the gym that their fitness program revolves around. Nothing is impossible, but it's highly unlikely that people who hate the gym will succeed in getting in shape there. Variety is the spice of life, therefore, you should try and merge intramural sports with your gym grind, in order to add some more flavor and color to your fitness routine. Flag football, basketball, soccer, baseball and softball are intramural sports that build not only strength, endurance and coordination, but camaraderie and spor

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  3. Running with a Performance Enhancing Watch

    Facebook friends have been posting more about their running distances and times. This is made possible through distance and speed tracking apps such as Nike's Running App and Nike Sportswear. Surfing through Facebook posts can be pretty brutal, but I always get a kick out of seeing my friends run 5 miles at an average of under 6 minutes, or whatever the case may be. It's simply more interesting than seeing pictures of their dogs sleeping. Running watches are developed so well that they have GPS systems, pace trackers, timers, heart rate monitor and they have the ability to immediately share with your friends on social media your results. Go out and grab a performance enhancing watch! Impress your friends! Impress yourself!

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  4. Body-Weight Exercises Are Trending

    Don't have the capital to spend thousands of dollars building a home gym? Too busy  to take an hour or more out of your day to go to the gym? No problem. You can still sculpt your core and other muscles with easy-to-do, free body-weight workouts. Pure body-weight workouts are exercises that don't require free-weights. Recently, body-weight exercises such as planking, push-ups and pull-ups, have been gaining popularity for their effectiveness and after all, they're free! You can do wonders for your body just by performing a few sets of push-ups and sit-ups when you wake up, go to bed, or whenever you have time in-between. Personally, I like to do push-ups and planks during commercials when I am watching TV. Dr. Walter Thompson, researcher at Georgia State, said "Body-weight exercises are a proven way to get and stay fit. In a time when many people are concerned with cutting expenses, body-weight exercises are a great way to feel great and look toned without a big financi

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  5. Gatorade Changes it Formula

    We all should be thankful that Sarah Kavanagh lobbied to get Gatorade to remove an agent from its drinks, that has been patented as a flame retardant.  After negative consumer feedback regarding brominated vegetable oil (BVO), an ingredient in Gatordade, PepsiCo (Gatorades' parent company) released a statement today saying the company will no longer add BVO to its drinks. Gatorade made a formal announcement following a petition started by Sarah Kavanagh and signed by 200,000 people, that Gatorade would cease and desist from using the controversial ingredient.

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