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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  1. Track Your Progress in the Gym - It Helps!

    People love statistics, especially about themselves. There's just something neat about being able to track linear progressions of our own ability. Well, hopefully it's a linear progression. There is a strong correlation between being physically fit and keeping meticulous records of your results. For one, people who analyze their workout routine with regularity are more prone to understanding why their particular exercise program is working, or vice versa. In direct contrast, people who workout with a plan and people who do not track their results in some sort of database or note-keeping-system, are far more likely to prematurely discontinue their routine, than people who keep a running journal. Just think about it; if person A records their progress and person B does not, person A is going to be a substantial favorite over B, in terms of which person is expected to religiously adhere to their training regimen. Diligent record keeping will help you analyze

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  2. Every Healthy Choice Counts!

    Tired of not being fit? Frustrated seeing skinny people have all the fun? Well, you may feel like you have no chance to run a marathon or swim across the San Francisco Bay, but you need to focus on the smaller things. There are so may choices each day that we can make that will help optimize our health. Every healthy choice counts, no matter how superfluous it may seem, it's not. Drink less coffee, take the stairs more, try and make green leafy foods a part of your diet, walk around the block, do some yoga and hiking. These are all simple, yet effective tactics for getting rid of that gut.  You must use good tactics if you want to feel and look clean. We all have some sort of strategy of how to workout, but if we do not implement our strategy through effective tactics, we will fail miserably. Don't give up just because you can't compete on the main stage yet. Your workout routine may be in its infancy, but if you have a workout routine, you are on the right path. Every day we get

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