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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  1. The Paleo Diet: A Blueprint for Success or Failure?

    The paleolithic diet, regularly referred to as the paleo diet, or caveman diet, is a set of nutritional guidelines, founded upon what we believe Stone-Age cavemen ate, during the paleolithic era. Vegetables, fruits, fish, meats from grass-fed animals, nuts and eggs are all part of the Stone-Age diet. Foods that are banned by the caveman diet are refined sugars, all dairy products, grains, potatoes and legumes. The Paleolithic era began over 2.5 million years ago and ended approximately 10,000 years ago and that is when agricultural and grain based diets developed. Since then, humans have evolved and tried to optimize their health through all sorts of nutritional and exercise plans. Relatively recently, our continuing quest to find the superhuman diet, has lead many to believe that the paleo diet is supreme and it's popularity has grown exponentially. Is the key to longevity to abandon our modern agricultural diets are revert back to the diets of pre-historic man? Is the ador

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  2. Exercise Bikes Are Easy To Use and Efficient Fat Burners

    Stationary exercise bikes are great for people who want to tighten their thighs , shape up their hips, build their calf muscles, burn some calories and strengthen their self esteem. Get the all of the benefits involved with joining a spin class at your local gym by purchasing a bike and using it at home while you watch a spin class video or your favorite TV show. Maintaining a consistent cardiovascular exercise program  will do wonders for your health. Not only will you look better on the outside, but you will feel better on the inside too. In other words, cardiovascular training leads to you looking a lot better when you wear a tight pair of jeans, or a bathing suit and it will also help lower blood pressure and help you sweat out toxins, among many other benefits of running, biking and other cardio exercises.

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  3. 6 Fitness Tips for Summer Workouts

    The mass proliferation of the limitless, adventurous activities that Mother Earth bestows upon us during Summer every year, is on the horizon. Optimize your exercise routine for Summer and you will be a step ahead of the curve. Longer and hotter days are just some of the variables we have to juggle throughout summer. Hydration becomes crucial factor and as intuitively obvious as the necessity for water is, still many people actually neglect their body's thirst for water. Even when you are not thirsty, make sure you replenish yourself with fluids.  Here are some fitness tips for the Summer so you can beat the heat! 1.) Be An Early Riser: The saying that says if you can't beat it, then join it, does not work here. Extreme summer heat is can make exercising outside miserable. You can't just say, "**** IT!" and go run in 100 degree heat daily for 3 months. You'll fry. Instead, do your best to avoid the sun. Wake up early and get your routine in before 9am.

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  4. Building Momentum is the Key To Fitness Training

    Close the door to your past and do not let your past rob your future. We all know old habits die hard, but that is just some catchy BS and you have the will power to kill those habits and dead them in their tracks. People settle into a groove and then never snap out of it. We seem to feel hopeless after a while and basically give up and embrace our defects rather than patching up our leaks. If you want to look good and be a part of the mass proliferation of people dancing through their lovely lives, you can't be obese, you just can't. The first step to feeling and looking better, is breaking old habits ASAP. Once you got on a roll, it is so much easier to keep moving in the right direction. The toughest part of  having a disciplined fitness routine is getting started. Weekly improvements in your health will make your workouts easier, but the first few weeks will be very tough, there is no denying that. However, they will be by no means, even close to as difficult as it i

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