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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  1. Your Body Recovers When Rested - Let It!

    Even with the assistance of modern medicine and virtually infinite scientific studies into sporting injuries, athletes are getting injured more than ever before. Have you ever seen so many professional baller's tear their ACL's? Nope. The surge is real. Derrick Rose isn't too much of an aberration anymore. Players are running themselves into the ground as a result of constantly pushing their body beyond its limits. Guys are so frequently sidelined that last year Nerlens Noel was drafted #1 in the 2013 NBA Draft and he wasn't expected to play at all in his rookie season due to a torn ACL in his one-and-done year at Kentucky.  A big injury in college used to be a huge red flag for any NBA scout and a torn meniscus or ACL, used to be a "good luck with getting drafted" flag. But, not anymore. This year, Joel Embid underwent surgery for a broken navicular bone - his hand was broken. Big guys in the NBA need their hands more than a farmer needs his shovel, but Embid still was drafted

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  2. Kale: A Nutritional Powerhouse

    The Queen of Greens. The New Beef. These are just some of the new clever nicknames for kale, the superfood that is trending harder than Miley Cyrus. If you haven't realized that Kale is en vogue, you most likely need to read this blog more than you know. The new beef is truly fabulous. There's no denying its packed with a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals that have an organic ability to keep your body healthy and strong. Kale's potency is defined by its high fiber (the key to healthy, regular, digestion), low calorie, zero fat complexion. Kale gets its beef comparison due to its high concentration of iron, even more so than beef, which has a great deal. Iron has a wide range of considerable benefits on our well being such as transporting oxygen throughout our body (this cardiovascular support results in lower cholesterol levels), keeping our liver in good health and iron helps form hemoglobin and enzymes. In addition to iron, Kale's DNA is saturated with vitamins, most promine

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