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  1. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #14

    Talk about healthy! And multitasking at the same time. . . Now that we have our upright exercise bike right there in the living room, I can work out for a half hour and watch the shows I want to, not the ones they have on at the gym with the words typed below in closed captioning and sometimes they do not have the closed captioning which is really really really frustrating! At home, in my little gym - I set the channel changer on the bookcase next to the bike, and a pen and paper. I can watch Dr. Oz and get heath tips, change the channel during commercials, go to a cooking show, grab the pencil and paper and jot down ingredients for a healthy lentil soup—yes, I can bike and write a few words at the same time because the bike is so smooth. Enjoying the variety of programs ranging from fast paced music channels to cooking shows, makes it seem like the time just flies by. I can't tell you how many time

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  2. Another Day Another Dollar - But Did You Work Out for An Hour?

    People sometimes forget the strong correlation that ties together how well we perform at work with how much exercise we do on a daily basis. It has been said that due to the fact exercising releases stress, professionals are much calmer at work after they exercise and therefore work more deliberately without rushing.  Next time you have a really bad day at work, try to exercise for at least a half an hour the next morning before work and see if that next day goes better for you as a result of exercising before hand. The great thing about getting into the groove of working out before or after work every day is that you convince yourself that you must exercise in order to perform your best. As a result, you will turn into someone who actually cares about their health and will look forward to getting better everyday. Always remember, every day you either get better or you get worse. There is no in-between.  Are you determined to get fit? We sure hope so, your hea

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