What Is The Best Type of Fitness Equipment for Burning Calories?

We've all seen the advertisements for funky exercise equipment that claims to be the Holy Grail for weight loss. But at the end of the day, is there even a way to quantify precisely how many calories a certain machine burns? Well...not exactly. We can closely approximate how many calories a particular machine may burn for a specific person, but there are so many interchangeable variables (effort, technique, time, body type, etc.) in the equation, that anyone who says they know that a specific treadmill, elliptical, bike, stair stepper, etc., will do that much better than another, is usually subjective at best and trying to sell you trash as treasure, at worst. So why do so many of us browse the aisles of grocery stores and GNC's, praying that we stumble upon the Mona Lisa of fat burning supplements? Why are we so eager to believe in the $299 mini-stair-stepper that we see on QVC? The answer is that we are lazy, hate working out and yet we still crave to look sweet. Don't waste your m

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