Building Momentum is the Key To Fitness Training

Close the door to your past and do not let your past rob your future. We all know old habits die hard, but that is just some catchy BS and you have the will power to kill those habits and dead them in their tracks. People settle into a groove and then never snap out of it. We seem to feel hopeless after a while and basically give up and embrace our defects rather than patching up our leaks. If you want to look good and be a part of the mass proliferation of people dancing through their lovely lives, you can't be obese, you just can't. The first step to feeling and looking better, is breaking old habits ASAP. Once you got on a roll, it is so much easier to keep moving in the right direction. The toughest part of  having a disciplined fitness routine is getting started. Weekly improvements in your health will make your workouts easier, but the first few weeks will be very tough, there is no denying that. However, they will be by no means, even close to as difficult as it i

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