How to Get the Most out of Your Exercise Routine

As I travel around the country, going from place to place in order to transform the unhealthy into the fit, it is alarming to see how many people are truly obese and overweight, and seemingly do not care at all.  It is understandable for the weight of a human being to fluctuate due to lack of exercise, or excess eating from time to time, but what I have seen is not normal, by any standards.  When I say, "What I have seen is not normal", I am referring to the disproportionate amount of overweight people versus the amount of people that would be considered healthy by national standards, and yes, there are set standards of how much Joe Johnson should weigh based on his height and age. The question is, why are we so fat? How did it get to the point that every time I am in a mall, baseball game, or movie, there are more overweight people than people who are in decent shape? Is it because we do not exercise as much as our European friends? Are the United States

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