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  1. Save Time & Build a Home Gym!

    With the sun setting earlier and the temperature progressively cooling over the next few months, exercising  outdoors is more problematic than it is pleasurable once the winter months hit. No more walking the dog 5 times a day like you did when the sun was out until 8:30 at night. No more playing basketball outside at least once a week. Not too many ultimate Frisbee games happening in New York City parks during December. I mean, if you live in Chicago and work from 8am until 5pm, Monday through Friday, and it's dark and 13 degrees when you get off of work, it's not too fun running for 3 miles. Maintaining your fitness routine from the Spring and Summer and carrying them into the Fall and Winter, can be a rocky transition for those living in cities with real Winters. Staying in shape during the colder seasons is especially tough because going outside in general can be such a production. To use Chicago as an example again, if you want to go to the during th

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  2. Sarah's Fitness Blog!

    As someone who has to work at a computer for long hours (I'm a writer) I really have to make sure I don't get a lot of problems that come with sitting and typing. First, I sit on a fitness ball, which is great for the core muscles. Then, every hour I do some back stretches. (You should ask a professional which ones are best for you, but what works best for me is clasping my hands together in front of me and pulling them forward as far as I can for the count of ten, then clasping them behind my back and doing the same kind of thing. But what's really important is making sure I don't get blood clots in my legs, and that's where my stairmaster comes in. Nothing beats it for working my legs. Fifteen minutes before I write, a half hour after, at least. People die from blot clots (deep thrombosis) and I don't want my job to kill me. I love writing, but I love living, too!

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  3. Exercise Brag Post

    Just wanted to let everybody know that I am now running up to 45 minutes a day on my Life Fitness 95ti treadmill. As part of my plan to lose 22 pounds, I purchased an elliptical and treadmill for cardio, along with a home gym for my strength workout. When I run on my treadmill, I use the interactive heart rate programming, in order to burn the maximum amount of calories possible. Getting the most out of each and every workout is a must for those of you trying to lose a bunch of weight. Just doing a light jog and some sit-ups is not going to cut the layers of fat off like running on a tredmill or an elliptical for at least 45 minutes a day.

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