Buy a Chin/Pull/Dip Tower for Your Home!

Power towers, or Chin/Pull/Dip towers, are relatively inexpensive, have a small footprint and are super effective for building muscle. Having the ability to easily pump out some dips, pull up and chin ups, as well as numerous other exercises such as leg lifts, is extremely beneficial for anyone who likes to workout.  Total body exercises such as dips and pull-ups, are fantastic workouts for developing a strong core and upper body. I just set up a Weider 200 Power Tower in my living room and I do so many dips and pull-ups throughout the day, just because the power tower is there, staring me in the face all day. Impress yourself and impress your friends by setting up something as simple and low cost as a power tower. If you really want to hit the dips extra hard, get a leather or nylon dip belt and add some weight to it!

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