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  1. Use an Exercise Bike for Your Restless Leg Syndrome!

    I have Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder which means not only do I feel as if I might go crazy if I don’t move my legs in the evening anytime after 7pm until the morning, I also have uncontrollable limb movements in the late afternoon and evening.  Not only do I feel a burning need to move my legs, my arms and legs twitch all on their own, completely out of control.  I need to rub my hands together, crack my knuckles, so my legs don’t twitch so much.  (No idea why this helps.)  Pressing the inner arch of my foot with a thumb can sometimes help too.  But basically, I can’t sit to read or watch TV without uncontrollable jerks. So now I have an upright exercise bike, right next to the couch, where a chair used to be.  In the evening I watch TV, my legs s
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  2. Sarah's Fitness Tip #1

    There’s nothing better than coming home from work and kicking off the shoes, putting on the slippers, right? Or having a whole day at home, never having to put on shoes at all. Those slippers so soft. Isn’t that the best feeling? But don’t do that. Leave those slippers under the bed. Maybe slip them on for the last half hour, while you’re in your pajamas or whatever you wear to bed. Because you relax too much with those slippers on. If you have to take off uncomfortable shoes when you get home, or, god forbid, high heels, put on your walking shoes, your tennis shoes, something that tells your body that you’re still awake, ready for anything. Let’s say that you notice a strange bird outside, down the street. Go out in your slippers to take a look? Probably not. In your shoes, yes. Same thing with going outside to say hi to a neighbor. Or even sitting still for too long. Slippers let you sit still longer. Sho

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