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  1. Save Time & Build a Home Gym!

    With the sun setting earlier and the temperature progressively cooling over the next few months, exercising  outdoors is more problematic than it is pleasurable once the winter months hit. No more walking the dog 5 times a day like you did when the sun was out until 8:30 at night. No more playing basketball outside at least once a week. Not too many ultimate Frisbee games happening in New York City parks during December. I mean, if you live in Chicago and work from 8am until 5pm, Monday through Friday, and it's dark and 13 degrees when you get off of work, it's not too fun running for 3 miles. Maintaining your fitness routine from the Spring and Summer and carrying them into the Fall and Winter, can be a rocky transition for those living in cities with real Winters. Staying in shape during the colder seasons is especially tough because going outside in general can be such a production. To use Chicago as an example again, if you want to go to the during th

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  2. Use Exercise to Relieve Stress

    Protect your body from the stresses that build up over time at work. You promise your boss that you will do your job efficiently, but what do you promise your body? There is nothing worse than letting your health deteriorate while you sit back and watch your belly grow because you do not give your body the same attention that you give that stack of white papers in your office. If you are that person, stop what you are doing and really try to understand how important exercise it for human beings. You need to go for a hike. Take your favorite cousin on a camping trip. Go on a long bike ride. Promise your body that you will give it the attention and care that it needs. Promise your knees, hips and ankles that you will purchase a treadmill with a gym quality shock absorption system that will not let your joints suffer. Make a deal with your heart that you will buy a treadmill

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