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  1. You Can Control Your Weight More Than You Think

    Feeling light is great. Walking around and feeling like you have a tire around your waist is unhealthy, annoying, time consuming, depressing, all while serving as one big monkey on your back. People who are obese and overweight think about how heavy they are at least 10 times a day and become psychologically overwhelmed by their weight being such a significant burden in their lives. However, there is some silver lining even for those who are very overweight and think that it would be irrational to even think they had a chance to lose weight. Well, here it is, here is the million dollar silver lining for you. BEING FAT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN CONTROL. You create your own reality. Being fat is something that can change. Want to try a neat trick that will fix your weight issues? Eat a bowl of Raisin Bran in the morning when you wake up, an apple and salad for lunch (eat peanuts for protein or mix chicken/fish/red meat in salad) and when you eat dinner…have something as simple as

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  2. Sarah's Fitness Blog: Personal Rewards for Fitness Achievements, The International Campaign to Ban Land Mines and More!

    Reward Yourself For Working Out! We all know the game of rewarding ourselves with a treat for doing our exercising. Maybe you say: For an hour of fast walking I get to have a half scoop of ice cream. Or I can have one of those donuts at the office that Betty brings in every Friday if I workout on my Cross-Trainer three times this week. I even have a friend who pays herself, sets aside ten bucks for every hour she spends on her fitness program, then buys herself a treat at the end of the month. It makes sense to reward yourself if that helps you get it done, but maybe not sense to reward yourself with food. And in the case of my friend, well she would end up spending that money on herself anyway. So here’s a flip on the idea: if rewarding yourself makes you want to do your exercise more often because it gives you that bit of motivation, how about upping the ante, making it worth something so special that you really want to make sure you do it. How about m
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  3. Use the Treadmill to Rapidly Burn Fat Calories

    Weekend celebrations for the 4th of July have finally come to a halt. That means that is is now time to work off those extra pounds gained by excess eating and drinking. Large quantities of pork, washed down by beer after beer, can be pretty bad for those love handles. Fast paced cardiovascular exercise with an elliptical or treadmill is an effective way to lose weight and cut fat and sweat out a lot of the junk you have eaten over the last few days. Workout routines should always have some form of aerobic training. Running on a treadmill has proven over time to be an extremely effective form of cardio exercise that results in increased agility, stamina, speed and strength. Elliptical machines have also proven to be a very effective piece of fitness equipment for cardio exercise, weight loss and fat burning. Other forms of cardiovascular exercise can include anything from walking your dog, running at a local track, playing sports such as soccer, football and basketball, riding a bike

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