My Review of the Precor EFX 556

After spending a good amount of time this morning on the timeless Precor EFX 556, I just wanted to write my own review on it. First of all, although the bio-mechanical movements of the EFX 556 are very fluid, gentle and comfortable. Although the machine feels good to exercise on in the sense that I can feel my muscles getting stronger and I work up a sweat, it certainly does not feel like I am running on a treadmill. Precor crosstrainers are a family of their own, as their stride length feels unlike any other I have ever felt. Precor's 556 crosstrainer feels like it targets my thighs and quads so well. I love it. Its just so simple to use. I love basic stuff that works well. The EFX 556 just has such a simple electronic and structural foundation. It has 20 resistance levels, 6 pre-programmed workout courses, WHICH ARE ALL EASY TO USE, and the angle of the CrossRamp® is super easy to adjust. This machine works

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