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Elliptical Fitness Equipment

  1. Give Yourself a Gift and Buy an Elliptical

    The best way to get healthy and stay in shape these days is to use an elliptical fitness machine to work your legs, arms, stomach, back and buttocks. Not only are elliptical fitness training machines great tools for staying fit and thin, but equally as important, elliptical crosstrainer fitness equipments are very gentle and easy on your joints too. One of the best parts about working out is the nice, calm and serene feeling that you get when you are done. If you do not want that feeling to be overcome by body aches and pains in your joints, muscles and bones, then make sure you train on an elliptcial trainer instead of a treadmill. There is a ton of literature out there on why ellipticals/crosstrainers are better tools for cardiovascular exercise than treadmills. However, the only thing that should count is whether or not the stride on the elliptical fitness trainer is as comfortable, or more comfortable, than the treadmills you are used to running on. One should always remember that

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  2. Thinking Outside the Box: Elliptical Workout

    Whether you own an elliptical and are looking for new ways to use it, or are interested in buying one, you should be aware that there are many ways to turn this machine into an effective gut buster!  In the absence of resistance bands or dumbbells, here are some ways to play with the machine by varying resistance.  Using the resistance listed below - I will then show you an incredibly effective and short workout! Elliptical trainers can vary resistance through a few different ways.

    1. Speed you move your legs (revolutions)
    2. Intensity or resistance of the machine
    3. Your position (standing up, or in semi squatting position or in a full squat position on the eliptical)
    4. and Whether you push the pad with your heel or your toe
    These 4 elements can be used to vary your workouts to BLAST your body in only 20-30 minutes!



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  3. Read About the Benefits of Elliptical & Cross-Training Machines

    Cross Training through the use of an elliptical machine in your home is a great way to stay fit and agile. One of the many great things about elliptical is that they don't punish your joints with pain and stress like treadmills and running out pavement does.  After running outside on the city streets, or even inside on a treadmill, my knees and ankles don't feel all that well. Elliptical's give me a great cardio workout just like running does and elliptical trainers are much friendlier for our bodies than running on treadmills, or outside on concrete pavement. Secondly, elliptical cross trainers provide users with a total body workout that will strengthen your core, trim your fat and add lean muscle to your body. In the past several years, our customers have started buying more

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