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  1. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #8

    It occurs to me that I tend toward the exercise equipment that allows me to sit down, such as the recumbent bike, the recumbent cross trainer, and recumbent elliptical, and when I started thinking about this, I realized why. One of my jobs—I have three jobs—requires me to be on my feet six hours a day. I work at a bookstore, part-time, and I shelve books, climb ladders, make displays, help customers, all on my feet, never sitting down. Even when I teach (I teach writing) I stand in front of a classroom. So, it makes sense that I like sitting-down kind of fitness equipment, and I’ve been testing them out for over a month now, trying to decide which one to buy, blogging about the ins and outs of different kinds of equipment. And I‘m close to a decision, almost there, but then I remembered the reason that my husband and I started out on this quest for good health and fitness—because of him, his heart surgery, and I haven’t been pay

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  2. Top of the Morning - Exercise Ideas for the Morning

    Waking up and working out. There is no better time to exercise and get your daily fitness routine in. Not only are you totally rejuvenated from the rest you got the night before, but you also get your day off to a running start, which can make the difference between having a good rest (no pun intended) of the morning, afternoon and night. We all know what it feels like to wake up feeling sluggish and not have that burning desire that we need in order to stay at our best. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that one exercises in the morning when he or she wakes up. Far too often, we become lazy, and go for the quick fix for our energy boost in the morning, and gulp down some coffee. Don't get me wrong, caffeine in moderation is not the worst thing in the world, however, once we start to habitually substitute drugs (coffee), for natural ways to get energy, we become unhealthy and absurdly overweight in general. You may be thinking, "How in the world did we go from coffee not being the

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  3. What Is Your Favorite Brand of Fitness Equipment?

    The Kings of Cardio are surveying the American public in order to find out which manufacturer produces the highest quality fitness equipment. It is very simple, which pieces of fitness equipment are your favorites, and why? Our staff is comprised of professionals from across the world that specialize in health and fitness. We are very interested in what are the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in the fitness industry today. Recently, treadmill sales have been eclipsed by elliptical sales, so we are guessing that the majority of responses will be geared towards, and favoring, elliptical cross-trainers over treadmills, exercise bikes, and other forms of fitness equipment. Keep in mind that elliptical cross trainers provides users with the same cardiovascular benefits of treadmills, but ellipticals do not beat up your knees, ankles, and hips like treads. For that reason, elliptical machines are now more popular than treadmills, for the first time ever. Meanwh

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  4. Getting Enough Rest is Crucial for Top Notch Workouts

    We are all aware of how poorly we function when we don't get enough sleep. Our thought process is slow as we get really irritable. You feel sluggish and like you are in a daze if you do not get a good night rest. Feeling like your energy is zapped prohibits healthy exercise. Don't let a lack of rest be a hurdle in your way of living a healthy, fit life. Mental awareness, physical stamina and personal motivation peak as a result of prior rest and relaxation. When exercising on fitness equipment, you want to be mentally and physically ready to get better that day. Every day we either get better or we get worse. And if you are lazy and not giving it your all during your physical exercise routine, then you are certainly are not getting better. Getting enough sleep is one of the more important aspects of maintaing a healthy lifestyle. You will be much sharper and more focused when you workout if you are properly rested. For more tips from the Kings of Cardio stay tuned. You can call us

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