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  1. When Should You Start to Exercise?

    If not now, when? When I hang out with my friends I needle them sometimes if I feel they are too out of shape, lazy or just too damn fat. Some of them just tell me they hate exercising and ask me to stop being annoying, but most of them just say that it just isn't the right time. Well why not? People frequently tell me that they have too much work or that they are in the midst of constructing a comprehensive, well thought out exercise routine and that the current moment just isn't the time to get started. What is it about the present moment that scares people so much? Why are people so quick to say that they will workout in the future, or that they used to workout all the time but had to stop for some reason? Using the past or future as an excuse to justify not exercising will not do you any good. Keep it real. Live in the moment and don't make excuses.

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  2. Sarah's Fitness Tip #5

    I’m going to steal this reflection from a friend of mine, Karen Sandstrom, who writes a blog called Pen in Hand, which is mostly about art and drawing, although she writes about other issues too, like weight and exercise—and birds and dogs, etc. Anyway, I thought that something she said was worth passing on, and is important to think about when we try to become healthier human beings and start up an exercise program. She talks about how we believe we are moral, good people, and if we make a promise to someone, we hold up our end, try our very best to keep that promise. Right? But when it comes to ourselves, we don’t always do that. We let things slide, find excuses. (Such as promising to ride that exercise bike three times a week, but then finding other things to take up that time.) We need to treat our promises to ourselves with the same integrity. It builds character. And you’ll feel good about yourself—not only for doing the thing you said you w

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  3. Sarah's Fitness Tip #3

    Random Fitness Tip # 3 So, yes, I really do love exercising at home on my stationary bike rather than having to pack up water, Ipod, gym Id, etc, slog through the snow, drive a few miles, slog through the snow, and go into a humid gym where the bikes and other equipment sweats other people’s sweat. I really do use the stationary exercise bike more often because of the easier access. But, I can’t say that I’m all that fond of the bike’s seat. Wasn’t fond of it at the gym, either, which was one reason I preferred the recumbent, but my husband won out on the upright, and that’s a whole different story. The seat is too hard, even though it has gel padding. I tried to find an extra seat cover for it, but no luck. But a little ingenuity, and I’m feeling fine. What I did was drive to the upholstery store which isn’t far from home

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