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  1. Your Body Recovers When Rested - Let It!

    Even with the assistance of modern medicine and virtually infinite scientific studies into sporting injuries, athletes are getting injured more than ever before. Have you ever seen so many professional baller's tear their ACL's? Nope. The surge is real. Derrick Rose isn't too much of an aberration anymore. Players are running themselves into the ground as a result of constantly pushing their body beyond its limits. Guys are so frequently sidelined that last year Nerlens Noel was drafted #1 in the 2013 NBA Draft and he wasn't expected to play at all in his rookie season due to a torn ACL in his one-and-done year at Kentucky.  A big injury in college used to be a huge red flag for any NBA scout and a torn meniscus or ACL, used to be a "good luck with getting drafted" flag. But, not anymore. This year, Joel Embid underwent surgery for a broken navicular bone - his hand was broken. Big guys in the NBA need their hands more than a farmer needs his shovel, but Embid still was drafted

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  2. You Can't Get a Hit Unless You Swing!

    This blog is for all of you individuals who feel like you have no chance of ever getting in shape and being healthy. The main point I want to drive home to you is that you can't score unless you shoot. Believe it or not, there are millions of overweight people who have never even tried to run on a treadmill, ride an exercise bike, climb steps on a StairMaster or try anything athletic. Do not feel embarrassed if you are not gym savvy right away, just try and get better each and every day. Exercise at the gym, at home using fitness equipment of your own, or perform some form of physical activity outdoors. Every day we either get better, or we get worse, there is no in between.

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  3. Every Healthy Choice Counts!

    Tired of not being fit? Frustrated seeing skinny people have all the fun? Well, you may feel like you have no chance to run a marathon or swim across the San Francisco Bay, but you need to focus on the smaller things. There are so may choices each day that we can make that will help optimize our health. Every healthy choice counts, no matter how superfluous it may seem, it's not. Drink less coffee, take the stairs more, try and make green leafy foods a part of your diet, walk around the block, do some yoga and hiking. These are all simple, yet effective tactics for getting rid of that gut.  You must use good tactics if you want to feel and look clean. We all have some sort of strategy of how to workout, but if we do not implement our strategy through effective tactics, we will fail miserably. Don't give up just because you can't compete on the main stage yet. Your workout routine may be in its infancy, but if you have a workout routine, you are on the right path. Every day we get

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  4. Maintaining Positive Expectations Makes it Easier to Get Fit

    Expect to do well. Have confidence in your ability to look and feel your best. Possessing a confident attitude is half of the battle when it comes to the fight against obesity and lethargy. How many of you reading this truly believe that you could be in great physical shape if you wanted to? You have to be ready to win. If you have worked out 2 or 3 times over the past 5 years, well, I'm guessing your confidence in your ability to look like your favorite movie star, is gone. But what if it wasn't? What if you reallllly did believe that you could look and feel great, instead of just day-dreaming about it? Ironically, cardio and strength training are just as much mental exercises, as they are physical. Your mind tells you to stop and to give up, but the strong willed and determined just keep fighting. Your mind tells you "this sucks, i'm not having fun, this is hard, excruciating. physical work". But, what if your mind told you to just keep running? What if

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  5. Sarah's Fitness Tip #4

    Random Fitness Tip Number 4 I’ve begun to notice a pattern in my friends who exercise the most. They shower in the evening, not in the morning. I’ve always taken my shower or bath in the morning—it simply made the best sense to me. But I will admit there are days I don’t exercise because I don’t want to bother taking that second shower. A few times I’ve skipped my fast-walking in the evening even if it’s a nice night out—or I’ve strolled instead of fast-walking, careful not to break a sweat. It sounds like a small thing, but I’m just passing it on: The people I know who remain the most active through the day happen to be those who shower before they go to bed. Think about it: What one small change can you make that will keep you more active?

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  6. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #16

    Most everyone makes New Year resolutions, and many of those resolutions are to exercise. But goals are best met when you write up a plan, figure out exactly what you want, what you need, what is possible, what you can push yourself to doing better. Like saving money for retirement. Saying, “I’ll spend less,” is too open-ended, too generalized, too easy to dismiss when push comes to shove. Fitness experts say we need a routine. Buying the bike wasn’t good enough if I tell myself that I’ll get to it tomorrow. Tomorrow always sounds like a good idea, and easier than doing it today. The problem with exercise is that if you put it off, it gets harder. We went on vacation for a week between Christmas and New Years, to a farmhouse in the woods. The weather was supposed to be snowy and perfect for hikes. Instead it was cold, wet and dreary, and we stayed inside, in front of a cast iron stove, reading. Delightful, but now, one week later,

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  7. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #2

    The continuing saga of a newbie at the fitness gym. A friend of mine told me that walking was just as good as using any of the machines at the gym that work your legs, and she seems very smart, and I like walking, so I did some experiments. I walked for fifteen minutes at a good clip, then got on a exercise bike. I think it was a Precor c846 series. It was an upright exercise bike. The walking felt good, gave me good energy, and because I walked standing straight up and holding two 3 pound weights, I felt I had worked a little on my abs and my arms. Could the bike do the same? I listened to the same music, even, on my Ipod—Bob Marley, to give me the same beat. I had to lower the seat to the lowest level beca

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