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  1. KISS: An Effective and Simple Workout Routine Works

    Are you capable of getting rid of those love handles, your excess fat and that lethargic attitude? Most of us are, yet we still fail to give ourselves the best chance of success of getting in shape. So many people just fail to get into the groove of  working out for at least 30 minutes each day. The right approach to building an exercise routine is to KISS. KISS stands for - Keep it Simple Stupid. Simply put, for those of you who are new to exercising, it will do more harm than good if you try to analyze every possible exercise and study each piece of fitness equipment that you see or read about. Instead you should just start doing some simple exercises that are easy to learn and perform. I work with so many people who put off working out because they procrastinate by taking too long to figure out the specifics of their game-plan. For instance my friend told me today that he isn't going to start working out until the trainer who he is waiting to start training him g

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  2. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #6

    Years ago, after having my first child, I bought a rowing machine and woke up early every morning, hoping out of bed and straight onto the rower. I needed to lose weight and tone up, but oddly what I found I liked best about rowing is that Zen like state you get from the motions, which is unlike any other exercise machine. It takes a few minutes, but when it comes, you know it. You’re rowing, your whole body undulating, and with my eyes closed, I could see the river ahead I was traveling on, the imaginary river of my own making—sometimes a slim, peaceful waterway, sometimes a wide more vigorous river like the Mississippi, or maybe even across a lake somewhere. But I also could imagine myself rowing through my day, my path in life—waking my baby, making breakfast, reading him books, playing This-Little-Piggy with his toes, even changing his diapers. This was my peaceful time alone when I could imagine the perfect day. Then when things went astray, I was okay. I

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  3. Cardio Fitness Equipment

    Fitness Equipment Deals: If you are determined to get in shape, maintain your current build, or just want to add some lean muscle to your body, then we would love to help you. Let us be your right-hand man and we will provide you with health club quality discount home fitness equipment, free personal training, diet plans, and excellent customer service. We have a wide range of home fitness equipment and Cardio Fitness Equipment at blowout sale prices, including treadmills, elliptical, recumbent bikes, rowing machines, stair climbers, spin cycles, Pilate's machines and much more. Our store includes modern cardiovascular training equipment and strength equipment, as well as commercial machinery for health clubs and gyms. Our staff of fitness experts is entirely dedicated to providing you with gym gear that will enable you to lose weight, look great, and feel your absolute best. Everybody wants to stay in shape, but it is almost impossible to devote the amount of time ne
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  4. Build Your Own Home Gym!

    People that have home fitness equipment get to skip all of the hurdles one has to surpass in order to get in a workout at their local gym. Once you have a gym quality treadmill, elliptical and strength equipment, you can wave bye bye to traffic, bye bye gas money spent to get to gym and bye bye waiting in lines. Having health club quality fitness equipment in your home will lead to you spending more time exercising. Excuses such as the gym being closed, traffic being bad and long lines for machines, will al be a thing of the past, once you purchase fitness equipment for your home. Make it easy on yourself. Start with something simple like a stationary bike and an exercise mat, and then take it from there!

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  5. Look & Feel Just How You Want To!

    Are you having a tough time making it through the day? Is your physical condition limiting what you can do in terms of exercise and other fun activities? In other words, do you feel as if you are living up your potential, or do you believe that your unhealthy lifestyle is prohibiting you from achieving what you want in life? It is hard to function at our best if we are not in tip-top shape. More often than not, people do not fully understand all of the benefits associated with personal daily exercise. A healthy body and mind can do wonders for your professional career, love life and many other aspects of your life. If you are looking to improve your health, do not over think your situation, instead, start exercising for thirty minutes 5 days a week. Do not spend countless hours trying to figure out what would be the best approach to weight loss and muscle growth. Get out of the house, walk to a local track and field, run some laps, do some push-ups and sit-ups and build up a good swe

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  6. Body-Solid Fitness Equipment

    Body-Solid fitness equipment is extremely well known for its comprehensive warranty policy. Most fitness equipment companies, especially companies that manufacture home fitness equipment, do not provide their customer base with the extensive warranty coverage that Body-Solid offers. They claim, "Nobody beats our warranty. Absolutely nobody." In support of their claim, Body-Solid provides their customers with in-home, lifetime warranties, on every piece and part of home gym equipment. Pads, pulleys, frame, any part one could think of on a home gym, is covered by Body-Solid, under their exclusive, in-home, lifetime warranty.

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  7. A Home Gym, Treadmill and a Scale Walk into a Bar...

    If you want to take your life from hell to heaven, from a health standpoint that is, buy three pieces of home fitness equipment. The first piece of exercise gear you should buy should be a multi-station home gym. Make sure the home gym has more than one or two stations and also make sure that it has the ability to work out the lower half of your body. A leg press, leg extension, or leg curl machine will do. Additionally, you should also make sure that the weight stack for your home gym is broken down into 10 pound increments to make it easier for you to change the intensity level of your workout. Equally as important, is the ability of this multi-station home gym, to replicate the natural lifting motions of the top quality exercise machines that you would use at a commercial fitness center or gym. Next, buy a treadmill. Do some homework on what kind of treadmill is best for you and buy it. It's not a house, don't over-think it. Buy a treadmill and use it. Lastly, get yourse

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  8. Buying Fitness Equipment is Cheaper Than Ever!

    These days everything seems to be more expensive. Poor economy, less jobs, higher gas prices. However, there is still affordable, health club quality, home fitness equipment out there, so do not give up on your fitness goals! Exercise equipment pricing is down over the past 8 months so take advantage while you can. Your favorite treadmill, elliptical, home gym, stair climber, rowing machine, upright bike, Pilates machine, whatever it may be, we can almost guarantee you that its price is much lower than it was a year ago. Because people have far less disposable income to spend, the cost of buying

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  9. Multitude of Fitness Equipment Suppliers

    Has anyone noticed the amount of fitness equipment suppliers there are on the internet? I mean it is insane at this point. Last night, I had a man call and inquire about a Precor AMT 100i, and I am not kidding when I say we were on the phone for 2 hours. This caller must have known every single fact about this Precor AMT that there was...and then some. If there were a written test on the electrical specs, workout courses, dimensions and history of the Precor AMT, I would bet this caller would do better than the Precor manufacturers who are responsible for the development of Precor gym equipment. So I asked him, "Sir, just out of curiousity, are you writing a book on the history of the Precor AMT 100i, and other Precor fitness gear, because you sound like you know every single thing possible there is to know about this elliptical. I bet you even know how thick the steel framework is?"...."I do he said".... and then he proceeded to tell me that the reason he knows everything about this P

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  10. Easy Muscle Gain/Weight Loss Routine

    The Kings of Cardio are looking for exericse routines that push people to the max! Starting in October, we will be rewarding people who send us their personal physical fitness programs. You can send us e-mails, videos, pictures or anything else that validates your weight loss and fat burning methods. We are looking for people that do a combination of things so the range of ideas we have is wide open for what we are willing to accept. So if you are train day and night, but are afraid to submit your stort because you think that we will not be interested, think again. We want to hear all kinds of recipes for staying fit in order to increase our own knowledge and help the public that much more. Please submit your own personal success stories of how you stay healthy to or

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