The Art of Recovery is in Our Blood

High pressure moments in our lives cause us to lose our cool. They just do. It could be at the poker table when you are involved in a big hand. Or the moment could be caused from a random guy hitting on your girl (or guy) at the bar, with too much aggression. There are virtually countless scenarios in our lives that have the potential to cause rapid increases in blood pressure, accompanied by feelings of rage. Our demeanor after we get in a traffic accident is hardly cool and calm. Therefore, our thought processes is not in top form.  Our vision is blurred when we are anxious and in moments laced with thick stress. Consequently, people who are able to remain cool during times of relative chaos, succeed at home and at work, better than those of us who go full tilt during an unstable, dangerous, or foreign situation. So what's the trick? How do we train ourselves to cope with intense situations? The key is to be prepared. How do we prepare for unforeseen events? Interval training.

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