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  1. My Labor Day Workout

    Woke up today at 7:10 am PST. Stretched for 10 minutes then did 200 push-ups (a bunch of sets of 30), then jumped in the shower. For breakfast I ate half of a grapefruit, a bowl of raisin bran and two slices of rye toast. Then I went to work in front of the computer but I got the feeling that I really needed to exercise more and since today is Labor Day I decided to go to the local middle school and use their rubberized track to get some running in. I walked 2 laps (1/2 Mile) then ran about 14 laps (3.5 Miles). The key to running is making sure that you are not beating up your knees, ankles, hips and other joints and bones. Rubberized tracks and treadmills with quality suspension system are your best bets. After the light jog I felt much better and went home to do some real work.

    When lunch time came I was ready and had burned off most of what I had for breakfast so a big good lunch was really needed. For starters I ate a sa

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  2. A Nano Workout is Better than No Workout

    Nano workouts are trending. People are too busy to find time in their schedules to go to the gym and workout. It's not just the hour of working out, but driving to the gym, changing clothes and other time consuming variables that add up to the same amount of time we spend exercising at the gym! What's a Nano Workout you ask? It is a workout someone can do while they are at their desk at work, riding on the bus, watching TV, or any other situation you find yourself in throughout the day in which you can get in a mini-workout. For example, while watching TV, you can perform a hip flexor stretch that will lead to increased agility as a result of toning your thighs and hips. Hip flexors can be performed simply standing in front of your couch and rest one foot on the backrest of the couch, then rest the knee of that leg on the couch and slightly lunge your hips towards the TV. This simple exercise can really help

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  3. Lose Weight and Build Muscle Now

    For those who believe they are past the point of no return, you need to have a better attitude and understand that you are fully capable of turning your life around and becoming healthier. Each day is an opportunity to get better. Goals are accomplished a day at a time and that is all one needs to lose weight and reduce body fat. Every day you either get better, or you get worse...there is no in-between. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to get better each and every day. There is always some way to get better. Say as part of a new workout regimen you have decided that you will incorporate push-ups and sit-ups into your daily routine, Once you have established an optimal amount of push-ups and sit-ups that you will perform daily, you can get better one day by doing 2 more push-ups than you did the day before. Heartless individuals will never see the light of day. Men and Women that can use mental strength in order to make sure they remain physically active, are those that will per

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  4. Use the Treadmill to Rapidly Burn Fat Calories

    Weekend celebrations for the 4th of July have finally come to a halt. That means that is is now time to work off those extra pounds gained by excess eating and drinking. Large quantities of pork, washed down by beer after beer, can be pretty bad for those love handles. Fast paced cardiovascular exercise with an elliptical or treadmill is an effective way to lose weight and cut fat and sweat out a lot of the junk you have eaten over the last few days. Workout routines should always have some form of aerobic training. Running on a treadmill has proven over time to be an extremely effective form of cardio exercise that results in increased agility, stamina, speed and strength. Elliptical machines have also proven to be a very effective piece of fitness equipment for cardio exercise, weight loss and fat burning. Other forms of cardiovascular exercise can include anything from walking your dog, running at a local track, playing sports such as soccer, football and basketball, riding a bike

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