This is a List of the Specific Benefits of All Vitamins and Minerals

Why do we label organic food? Shouldn't we just call it food and the other stuff fake food? Nutrition is not the first thing most of us think about when we are hungry. Instead, we just want to ingest what tastes good and being the hedonists that we are, burgers and pizza become our meals far too often. But what actually is nutritious? Nutrition can simply be defined as the study of what we eat. However, it's not that simple and there have been countless approaches to maintaining a healthy diet. When we analyze what the food we eat does to our body, as well as what our food does for our body, there are three primary areas of focus which are our biology, chemistry and physiology. The food we consume plays a significant role in in the overall functioning of the human body and brain and this truth is self evident for you if you have ever had fast food for lunch! Diet and exercise will always be significant towards your well being. Scientific data shows the drastic effect

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