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  1. Fitness App Usage is Skyrocketing

    In the last half decade we've seen a transformation in our culture. Companies have turned to mobile and its apps at a record setting pace. Since 2007, we've witnessed cell phones and tablets go from kind of popular, to the social norm. Everyone has a cell phone. Mobile has brought apps to our ADHD suffering fingertips and average daily app usage per capita has increased year after year, over the last six years. While daily app usage grows, daily health and fitness app usage soars. Flurry Analytics recently reported that fitness app usage is growing 87% faster than the overall app market. People just love data mining through their own results, as well as posting them to show their friends. Battles in Silicon Valley are on. Apple and Google both want in, badly. HealthKit and app Help are Apple's new developments for mobile health data tracking; Google created Google Fit. All you need to know is Apple advertises on

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  2. Optimal Eating Regimen for Morning Workouts

    Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and get some calories in you before you throw on your shorts and gym shoes. But make it light.  When we exercise, as important as it is to get some fuel in us before we hit the weights and treadmill, it is  even more important not to bog down our bodies with heavy-fast-food-like meals.  Feeling bloated during an exercise routine is terrible and can cause headaches and nausea.  For those who exercise in the morning, drinking a quick Ensure, Muscle Milk or protein shake and eating a small serving of fruit such as an apple, orange, plum or peach, will provide your body and mind with enough nutrition and energy to get in an effective workout. Other nutritious and morning-pre-workout-optimal foods  include egg whites, bananas, whole wheat bagels, oatmeal and low-fat yogurt. A moderate amount of caffeine can be beneficial too.

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  3. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #12

    I haven’t blogged for a week now, because I haven’t exercised for a week now. Excuses: The Holidays. Shopping. Working extra hours. Snow. Each day I promised myself we would go to the gym, each day, another excuse. I swore that if we didn’t go after a week, I’d order our fitness equipment now, right now, and put it on payments. We’ve saved almost enough. It’s time. And, we didn’t go to the gym yesterday. So, I did it! I ordered an upright exercise bike, not a recumbent. My husband likes the upright better, and he’ll use it more often if it’s something he lkes, and it does take up less floor space. Until we finish the basement and turn it into a proper fitness room, floor space is of importance. So, it’s to arrive in the next week! I’ll be blogging about a piece of fitness equipment that I own. How cool is that?

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  4. Getting Enough Rest is Crucial for Top Notch Workouts

    We are all aware of how poorly we function when we don't get enough sleep. Our thought process is slow as we get really irritable. You feel sluggish and like you are in a daze if you do not get a good night rest. Feeling like your energy is zapped prohibits healthy exercise. Don't let a lack of rest be a hurdle in your way of living a healthy, fit life. Mental awareness, physical stamina and personal motivation peak as a result of prior rest and relaxation. When exercising on fitness equipment, you want to be mentally and physically ready to get better that day. Every day we either get better or we get worse. And if you are lazy and not giving it your all during your physical exercise routine, then you are certainly are not getting better. Getting enough sleep is one of the more important aspects of maintaing a healthy lifestyle. You will be much sharper and more focused when you workout if you are properly rested. For more tips from the Kings of Cardio stay tuned. You can call us

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