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Guidelines to Buying Treadmill and Home Gym Equipment

  1. Don't Waste Time on Cheap Fitness Products

    Every night while watching TV, I see so many ridiculously horrible advertisements for cheap fitness equipment, and it boggles my mind why anyone would ever buy such low-end, flimsy weight or cardio equipment. For example, we have all seen the heavy-duty stair climbers spread across gym floors nationwide, and they all are as tall, or taller than we are, on average that is. In order for the fitness equipment at gyms to be effective, and durable, they must have some weight to them, to prevent instability and ensure safety. However, lately I have seen several cheap, small, and lousy looking stair steppers that according to the infomercials pushing them, are the best thing since sliced bread. Nothing could be further from the truth. In almost every case what looks to good to be true is. Unfortunately, a piece of gym equipment, whether cardio or strength based, can't be replicated by a company producing "similar" pieces of fitness equipment, for 95% less. If it sounds too good to be true, i

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  2. Stay Fit with Exercise Equipment @ Home

    The recent increase in the amount of people in the United States that purchase fitness equipment for their home is a good sign. Are we finally realizing that happiness is attained through gym equipment rather than designer clothes? We here at Kings of Cardio sure hope so! Recently in the news, there has been even more coverage focused around heathcare, than the average daily dosage. It is well known that the U.S.A. is the only first world nation on the planet that does not offer a comprehensive, universal healthcare system. The counter argument to that is something in the realm of "well that's why we have the best doctors." That argument is flawed to say the least. Our nation is not even in the top 10 when it comes to highest life expectancy rates! Why? One reason is that 9/10 people would be clueless if you asked them what an elliptical is, or what a stair climber is, or what their favorite piece of fitness equipment is. Home gym equipment, gym equipment, sports equipment, or weight

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  3. Helpful Hints for Buying Home Fitness Equipment

    1. QUALITY of the machinery itself. Most of all, does the equipment allow its users to mimic natural cardio and strength motions, because without natural simulation, you will not want to use the equipment. Equipment that people don't like to use gets an "F" in our grading of exercise equipment. Its stability, reliability, durability and structural integrity are all very essential towards the quality of a machine.
    2. WARRANTY is very important. What kind of warranty does the unit come with. If the stair climber you are buying breaks down in 3 months how do you get that taken care of? What happens when the keyboard on your Life Fitness 93x Elliptical goes out and the machine will not work? These kinds of questions must be figu
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