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  1. Home Fitness Equipment Tips: Your Home Gym Buying Guide

    Hippocrates once said, "that which is used develops, and that which is not used wastes away." That statement perfectly describes the human body and its need for continual exercise and movement. One must exercise and challenge themselves through intense physical conditioning and regularly working out if they want to be in top form. Exercises that increase our pulse, such as lifting weights on strength training equipment and using cardiovascular equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills, are quintessential exercises for people seeking optimal health. Cardiovascular exercise on treadmills and elliptical machines, as well as physical strength training with

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  2. Multi-Station Home Gym

    It is hard to go wrong with a multi-station home gym. Stations on the home gym are not the only variable to consider, others include the durability of the gym and the warranty that comes with it. Along with durability, stations, warranty and mechanical specs, one must take into consideration the amount of weight stacks that are on the gym. The number of weight stakes directly correlates with how many users can workout out on the gym at once. Make sure you understand these basic concepts before purchasing a home gym.

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  3. A Home Gym, Treadmill and a Scale Walk into a Bar...

    If you want to take your life from hell to heaven, from a health standpoint that is, buy three pieces of home fitness equipment. The first piece of exercise gear you should buy should be a multi-station home gym. Make sure the home gym has more than one or two stations and also make sure that it has the ability to work out the lower half of your body. A leg press, leg extension, or leg curl machine will do. Additionally, you should also make sure that the weight stack for your home gym is broken down into 10 pound increments to make it easier for you to change the intensity level of your workout. Equally as important, is the ability of this multi-station home gym, to replicate the natural lifting motions of the top quality exercise machines that you would use at a commercial fitness center or gym. Next, buy a treadmill. Do some homework on what kind of treadmill is best for you and buy it. It's not a house, don't over-think it. Buy a treadmill and use it. Lastly, get yourse

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