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  1. Detox Your Body Periodically

    Nobody entirely avoids toxicity. Our daily routine is laced with toxins and although we can't completely eliminate them, we can be mindful of their widespread existence and cleanse our body of toxins occasionally. Chemicals from standard household cleaning agents, laundry detergent, deodorant, car exhaust and many more toxins linger in the air and subsequently linger in our bodies. Installing water and air filters at home will be a simple yet helpful step in the right direction of living a cleaner life. Consume as much natural, organic food as possible and the more locally grown it is, the better. When you come up with a plan, you have to stick with it and ride through the tough times. It's not easy to entirely change your life around at the drop of a dime, small incremental steps helps and as long as our worst gets better, then we are moving forward.  Make sure your body goes though natural detoxification. Detoxification is all all day activity. Waste from our insides is always

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  2. The Best Organic & Therapeutic Stress Reliever is Working Out!

    Thinking of working out does not make you feel like a superstar, because research shows that after you are 15 minutes into your 30-60 minute workout, you will feel on average over 50% less stress and more joy, than you felt prior to beginning your workout. For many of us, stress concentrates and builds up due to things like road rage, a bad day at the office or problems at home, but it all seems to just evaporate once we start working out. All forms of exercise act as stress relievers. Running on a treadmill in your home or at the gym, running laps at your local track, lifting weights, using a rowing machine, riding your stationary bike, whatever your fitness fancy is, it is an organic stress reliever like no other. Heavy weightlifting is my favorite way to relieve stress. After an hour of bench presses, curls and dips, I rarely if ever, get frustrated with red lights and pedestrian incompetence. Sometimes I just get so steamed up over the most inconsequential annoyance

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  3. Workout Routines That Work!

    Maximize your body's potential by constructing a physical fitness plan that is easy to follow. Call it psychology, call it expected, call it what you will, just don't call it good, but people have the tendency to start an exercise routine with tenacity and before they know it, they have given up. Individuals have a difficult time finding a fitness plan that they follow religiously. Don't be one of those people who frequently contrive new workout plans and then do not follow through with the determination necessary to construct an effective and reasonable exercise plan. Speaking directly from experience, I personally have trouble making sure I exercise at least three times a week, for at least an hour each time I workout. After I workout for an hour or so and feel like I have accomplished something, I tend to take the next few days off and not workout like I should. Irregular exercise patterns spawn a multitude of workout routines strung together by your incomplete desire to train. Do

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  4. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #11

    Alright, I’ve spent some time on the treadmill now and understand its lure. First, it is different than walking. By setting the pace there is a compulsion to keep walking at the speed you’ve set. Sure, you can slow it down, but the idea is to keep at it, right, and the Life Fitness treadmill does that, kind of eggs you on, makes you keep working. It’s good for my foot, too. Because of my Morton’s Nueroma, I shouldn’t bend my foot so much, where my toes join the ball of my foot, and because I’m not pushing myself off each step, moving myself forward, my foot stays flatter, and I can walk longer on the treadmill than on the track before the neuroma flares up its ugly head, so to speak. I enjoyed the different settings on the treadmill. The way I co

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  5. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #4

    Just so you don’t have to scroll back through too many of the blogs on this site to know who I am and what I’m talking about—although if you do scroll back, I think I have some helpful tips—I’m the woman somewhere over fifty years-old, with the husband who had a triple bypass and then after 8 weeks of rehab at the hospital was told he had to keep up with cardiovascular exercise, and all around good eating habits and healthy choices in life. So we joined a gym while we started putting money away to save for one or more of the fitness machines that we use at the gym. I've written about some of those machines, that we've tried out at the gym first, and the choice we have each time our membership fees are due to—to keep going to the gym or buy the equipment ourselves. So this blog, today, comes down heavy on the “we need to buy the equipment,” side because although I love the atmosphere at the gym, I just know I will exercise more if I hav

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