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  1. Get Fit Without Equipment

    Don’t have the capital to spend thousands of dollars building a home gym? Too busy  to take an hour or more out of your day to go to the gym? No problem. You can still sculpt your core and other muscles with easy-to-do, free body-weight workouts. Pure body-weight workouts are exercises that don’t require free-weights. Recently, body-weight exercises such as planking, push-ups and pull-ups, have been gaining popularity for their effectiveness and after all, they’re free! You can do wonders for your body just by performing a few sets of push-ups and sit-ups when you wake up, go to bed, or whenever you have time in-between. Personally, I like to do push-ups and planks during commercials when I am watching TV. Dr. Walter Thompson, researcher at Georgia State, said “Body-weight exercises are a proven way to get and stay fit. In a time when many people are concerned with cutting expenses, body-weight exercises are a great way to feel great and look ton

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  2. If This Brutal Winter Hasn't Made You Buy Home Fitness Equipment, Nothing Will

    Is anyone running outside when it's below 20° out? What's the standard cut-off for you runners out there? Once it gets below 30°, you're not going outside to run? Below 15°? It's in the 20's in Atlanta right now and around -5° in Cleveland. Is it safe to run when it's that cold out? It may be safe, but running outside when it's less than 30° isn't bearable, let alone fun, for the vast majority of us. While driving to the gym to workout during a blizzard doesn't seem as bad as running outdoors in one, driving to the gym may even be worse than ice-road running. The first thought that comes to mind is the sheer time and effort it takes to drive somewhere through a snowstorm. Warming up the car, defrosting the windows, scraping the ice off the car - all these hassles before you're even out of your driveway. Then trekking to the gym, whether it be 5, 10 or 20 miles, is another obstacle course in and of itself. By the time you get to the damn gym, you feel like you've al

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  3. Tips and Guidelines for Buying Treadmills & Ellipticals

    Comprehensive and thought out weight loss plans are more effective than those which are based upon short term goals. Everybody wants to take a magic pill or a secret shortcut in order to lose weight. Although most rational, intelligent minds understand that eating well and exercising regularly are the most significant factors that contribute to the level of ones health, there are still tens of millions of Americans who are in search of a way to lose weight without doing the necessary legwork in order to do so. Those who strategically design an exercise regimen for themselves are far more likely to have success working out than those who do not. It is very easy to develop an exercise program. A simple search on the Internet of various exercise programs will be sufficient on order to find at least one exercise program applicable to your situation. Once you find an exercise program optimal for your body, look for health club quality fitness equipment to use at home so you don't have to g

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  4. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #3

    Maybe I’ve found the fitness machine that’s perfect for me, the recumbent exercise bike. Watching other people work out on it, it looks easy. Too easy? Is it just for old people? I’m not that old. But I do have a back that goes out now and then, and I figured I should try out the recumbent bike, see how it works, for one of those days when my back is tight but I still want to exercise. I needed to adjust the seat, pull it up, because, as I mentioned in one of my last blogs, I’m short. It always takes time to do these adjustments, and, once again, a home gym will be the answer. Soon. Very soon. Kings of Cardio has a few deals I’m about ready to spring for, as soon as I’ve done enough testing to know exactly what I want. The recumbent bike was comfortable, once I got everything set, and I started out at the easiest setting, to get my bearings. What surprised me was that it wasn’t like sitting in a recliner. In order to

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  5. Time To Hit Some Sets in the Morning

    Early in the morning is one of the best times to get sets of weight lifting done. People often forget how crucial weight lifting is towards maintaining a healthy physique. Weight lifting increases muscle mass, metabolism and reduces body fat. Yet somehow, fitness experts and gym goers alike tend to neglect the overall importance of strength training and it shows. It is very simple, try and spend as much time working out on your home gym as you do on your cardiovascular home fitness equipment. Nine out of ten people that call and speak to our fitness experts are inquiring about treadmills and elliptical trainers and that is great, but there needs to be an equilibrium that incorporates weight lifting too. Have a more balanced strategy for working out and reap the rewards.

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  6. Beat the Heat & Stay Cool With Home Fitness Equipment

    With the hot and sunny summer approaching, one needs to make sure that he or she adjusts their outdoor exercise routine, in order optimize their fitness training sessions. For those of you who run, bike or swim several times a week outdoors, it will be difficult to maintain your current routine, one the heat is sweltering and your energy is drained. If you are serious about staying on top of your physical fitness and making sure that your body doesn't fall victim to the scorching temperatures of June, July, August and September, then make sure you have health club quality, home fitness equipment, available to use at home. Perfect examples of what fitness equipment is great include the Life Fitness 95ti treadmill, the Precor EFX 546 Elliptical Crosstrainer, the Body-Solid 3000s LPS Home Gym and the StairMaster 4400PT. Those cardio and strength pieces perform at health club caliber levels. Your body will look and feel exponentially better as a result of having solid home gym equipment at

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  7. Give Yourself a Gift and Buy an Elliptical

    The best way to get healthy and stay in shape these days is to use an elliptical fitness machine to work your legs, arms, stomach, back and buttocks. Not only are elliptical fitness training machines great tools for staying fit and thin, but equally as important, elliptical crosstrainer fitness equipments are very gentle and easy on your joints too. One of the best parts about working out is the nice, calm and serene feeling that you get when you are done. If you do not want that feeling to be overcome by body aches and pains in your joints, muscles and bones, then make sure you train on an elliptcial trainer instead of a treadmill. There is a ton of literature out there on why ellipticals/crosstrainers are better tools for cardiovascular exercise than treadmills. However, the only thing that should count is whether or not the stride on the elliptical fitness trainer is as comfortable, or more comfortable, than the treadmills you are used to running on. One should always remember that

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  8. Cardiovascular and Strength Workouts: The Perfect Combination

    It takes two to make a thing go right. It sure does. Can we be healthy, while looking and feeling great, if we chose to ignore either running or lifting, which many people often do., while many more don't think about running or lifting weights, but those people are near hopeless, and can be addressed at another time. For now, this discussion will focus on those who do exercise on a regular basis, but have a hard time incorporating both aspects of exercising into their workouts. For those of you who do not know the two different areas of exercise, and they can overlap at times, is cardiovascular exercise (running on treadmills, using elliptical machines, rowing on rowing machines, playing sports), and strength exercise (weight lifting). A great example of of strength workout would include warming up, then spending about an hour lifting weights, and then a cool down. For example, on a home gym machine such as the BodyCraft Xpress Pro, one could do three sets of chest presses at 8 reps a

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  9. Getting Started - Discount Home Fitness Equipment for Beginners

    Some of you may get intimidated when you walk into a fitness equipment store due to heavy price tags and machines that looks more like villains from a Transformers movie, than safe and effective cardio and strength training equipment. That is why we have friendly and knowledgeable fitness experts ready to talk to you 24 hours a day. Feel free to call us  (800-990-1108) and ask us any and all questions pertaining to home fitness equipment. Take for instance, a 29 year old guy by the name of Jerry. Jerry has recently realized that he does not have much energy as he is used to having and Jerry realizes he is also 21 pounds heavier than he has ever been. Instead of Jerry going out to a local fitness equipment store to buy some exercise equipment for his home, his absolute best bet would be to talk to a fitness equipment expert and find out what the best piece of exercise equipment would be, based on his specific needs, body traits and budget. The sad thing is, ninety-n

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  10. Want Healthier Kids? Educate them on the Importance of Exercise!

    Our new computer generation of kids has turned to video games and action figures more than any in the past. For some reason these days, kids have really stopped going outside and playing sports. Football has been replaced by Facebook. Basketball courts have been replaced by the bedroom. The point I am driving at is that today's youth has done less in regard to physical activity, than any previous generation. What will be the result? Will our nation become even lazier and more over weight? Will we start to lose in the Olympics instead of dominate? What the future of our nation will be remains unknown as always, but the fact that as a country our youth does not exercise as much as it used to, is telling for what is to come in our future. The United States of America is already overwhelmed with obesity beyond belief and the fact that kids and teenagers workout and exercise at minimal rates, adds to the doom and gloom of the situation. Here is an idea - let's replace video games and othe

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