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home gym reveiws

  1. Need a Heavy-Duty, Affordable Home Gym? No Problem!

    In the past, it was difficult to purchase multi-station home gym equipment that would truly resemble lifting with free weights in a health club. Most home gym supplies were gimmicky, over-priced, useless trash. Nowadays, there are over a dozen or so structurally sound home gyms that provide users with the same great feel that real gym equipment does. Complaints used to mount by consumers over the fact that there were no gym quality home gyms on the market. Problems such as parts wearing down, parts breaking and user discomfort made it difficult to get effective multi-station gyms for your home.strength equipment. The fitness equipment market today is much different. There are plenty of heavy duty, multi-station home gyms in today's fitness equipment industry, that can maintain their structural integrity, even after intense, hi-impact, body-buildingesque workouts. For example, the

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  2. Home Gym Report: 10 GREAT Gyms to Buy New or Used

    10 GREAT GYMS WITH GREAT WARRANTIES FOR YOUR HOME 1.) Body-Solid 1500s - The Body-Solid EXM 1500S is literally the Consumer Magazine Best Buy #1 Home Gym! Workout your hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, triceps, latissimus dorsi, back, abdominal muscles and much more on this consumer favorite Body-Solid home gym. 2.) Body-Solid G9 S- Telescoping, Chrome Plated, Gas-Assist Adjustable Seat Posts for Easy Adjustments and Ergonomically Correct Body Positioning 3.) BodyCraft Galena Pro - A poor mans Express Pro, but great gym nonetheless. 4.) Life Fitness G7 - Not my favorite gym on the list because it is just so expensive. High quality, high price, low value. 5.) Precor S3.23 - The Precor S3.23 F
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  3. Multi-Station Home Gym

    It is hard to go wrong with a multi-station home gym. Stations on the home gym are not the only variable to consider, others include the durability of the gym and the warranty that comes with it. Along with durability, stations, warranty and mechanical specs, one must take into consideration the amount of weight stacks that are on the gym. The number of weight stakes directly correlates with how many users can workout out on the gym at once. Make sure you understand these basic concepts before purchasing a home gym.

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  4. What to Look for When Buying Home Gyms

    Home gyms are great because in most cases, they have multiple workout stations, which makes it easy to work all of the different muscles on your body. When looking into buying a home gym, one should always take into consideration several factors. First of all, make sure that the home gym equipment that you are looking at is sturdy and not prone to breaking down. Clearly, there is very little that can be accomplished on a home gym that is out of order. Secondly, check out the weight stack on the home gym you are looking at. For example, the Body-Solid 1500s gym has a weight stack of 160 pounds. While that is perfect for many people, some athletes that like to life a lot of weight would prefer maybe a 200 lb. weight stack like the BodyCraft Xpress Pro has, or a weight stack that provides up to 400 pounds of resistance, such as the BodyCraft X4. Other features to look for when purchasing strength equipment or home gym equipment is whether or not the home gym is a single, double, triple,

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