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how to burn calories fast

  1. Eating Small Meals Throughout the Day is Bad for You!

    You digestive system needs time to work. If you keep eating food all day long, you do not give your body the proper breaks that it needs, in order to cleanse your insides of harmful oxidants. A general rule to go by is to give yourself a 12 hour break from the time you eat your last meal the night before and the time when you break the 12 hour fast (Breakfast!) the next day. Popular culture seems to have bought that eating small amounts of food all day is good for you, but in reality, it's not and optimal digestion techniques require one 12 hour fast overnight, each day. If you really want to optimize your digestion, take 2 tablespoons of olive oil each night before bad. It does a phenomenal job of lubricating our insides.

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  2. Sarah's Fitness Tip #2

    Random Fitness tip #2 I’m learning to change my ways. Like getting the exercise bike, not wearing slippers in the house. It’s time to understanding that at some point old age will be a pain in the butt—literally, and in the bones. I worry that just walking up the stairs could be painful if I don’t get my act together now. So I look for ways to up the ante, to add a little bounce to my step. I have to clean house every week. Someone’s got to do it, right? And for years I’ve put on my favorite albums when I cleaned. Linda Rhonstadt’s Lush Life. Anything by Eva Casiddy (have you heard Song Bird???) Sometimes Vavaldi’s Four Seasons. Maybe you already get where I’m going with this. I like female singers with slow sad songs, or classical. But the other day my husband put on Bruce Springsteen and I forgot it was in there, and boy, did I get some cleaning done. I even added a few dance steps in-between the vacuuming and the

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