Start Making Your Healthy New Years Resolutions with These Tips!

Incorporating realistic goals into your life can do you wonders. But, not just any lofty goal will do, your goals should be targeted and feasible. Abide by the list below and you'll increase your odds of realizing your new goals.

  1. Obtainable goals are the only goals we should try and accomplish. Transforming your body from 32% body-fat to 11% and becoming a millionaire are most likely not really in the cards for you, but you may very well be able to lose 30 pounds next year and the find the girl of your dreams, so certainly don't sell yourself short either.
  2. Distance yourself from goals that have not worked for you in the past. Nothing breaks the spirit like repeat failure and always remember to make sure your goals are obtainable.
  3. Have a partner. If you are determined to lose weight and get in shape for 2013, it will be super beneficial for you to have someone to workout with.
  4. Believe in yourself. In most cases, if you truly believe you
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