Dynamic Fitness Training: Intramural Sports

There are other ways to get in shape other than dry daily grinds at the gym. Listen up people. You will have a lot more fun working out if you can incorporate playing sports with friends into your weekly workout routine. Running on a treadmill in your garage or going to your health club on a daily basis is just too vanilla for those looking to have a more colorful workout portfolio. It is wildly improbable for people to continue exercising if they genuinely dislike the exercises at the gym that their fitness program revolves around. Nothing is impossible, but it's highly unlikely that people who hate the gym will succeed in getting in shape there. Variety is the spice of life, therefore, you should try and merge intramural sports with your gym grind, in order to add some more flavor and color to your fitness routine. Flag football, basketball, soccer, baseball and softball are intramural sports that build not only strength, endurance and coordination, but camaraderie and spor

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