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  1. Trip Report for Las Vegas, NV: The Venetian gets an "A+" for Fitness Center

    After waking up far too early this morning, I decided to go and do my best to work off the pounds of garbage I have consumed since arriving in Las Vegas only two days ago. My poor stomach has had to digest bacon and cheddar fries, double cheeseburgers from Bob's Big Boy, sour gummy bears from the mini-bar, cups of sugar mixed with coffee and Cheetos. But it's simple right? After going on a junk-food binge, just make sure you get back to work the next day. Work out. Eat know the drill. Ok, so where were we? Oh yeah, the fitness center at the Venetian. Well, once I woke up and started my trek towards the gym at the Venetian, I was curious as to what I was going to find. I wondered...will it be super standard with rows of Precor EFX 556 Crosstrainers? Am I going to find over a dozen Life Fitness 95Ti treadmills like every other

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  2. Don't Let the Summer Heat Get the Best of You

    Like everyone else this summer, I am struggling to keep my daily outdoor workouts in the summer heat. My 45 minute jogs have turned into 30 minute walks, and my 30 minute walks are starting to turn into 15 minute strolls. I recently joined a friend of mine on a trip to the gym with a guest pass, and for the first time since it broke 80 degrees was able to fit in a full hour work out. And boy did it feel amazing! After 30 minutes (and 2 miles) on the treadmill, 15 minutes (and a mile) on the elliptical, and 15 minutes of weights, I felt my entire body thirsting for more. It's funny how easy it is to fall in and out of the groove, and I've learned the hard way that once you give up on strength training workout, it can be difficult at least to start back up. But don't let the summer heat get to you. Try jogging in the late evening after the sun sets, early mornings, and if your still struggling with the heat, take your workout indoors, as I did. Wherever you are though, remember to drink

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