What Is Your Favorite Brand of Fitness Equipment?

The Kings of Cardio are surveying the American public in order to find out which manufacturer produces the highest quality fitness equipment. It is very simple, which pieces of fitness equipment are your favorites, and why? Our staff is comprised of professionals from across the world that specialize in health and fitness. We are very interested in what are the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in the fitness industry today. Recently, treadmill sales have been eclipsed by elliptical sales, so we are guessing that the majority of responses will be geared towards, and favoring, elliptical cross-trainers over treadmills, exercise bikes, and other forms of fitness equipment. Keep in mind that elliptical cross trainers provides users with the same cardiovascular benefits of treadmills, but ellipticals do not beat up your knees, ankles, and hips like treads. For that reason, elliptical machines are now more popular than treadmills, for the first time ever. Meanwh

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