Want Healthier Kids? Educate them on the Importance of Exercise!

Our new computer generation of kids has turned to video games and action figures more than any in the past. For some reason these days, kids have really stopped going outside and playing sports. Football has been replaced by Facebook. Basketball courts have been replaced by the bedroom. The point I am driving at is that today's youth has done less in regard to physical activity, than any previous generation. What will be the result? Will our nation become even lazier and more over weight? Will we start to lose in the Olympics instead of dominate? What the future of our nation will be remains unknown as always, but the fact that as a country our youth does not exercise as much as it used to, is telling for what is to come in our future. The United States of America is already overwhelmed with obesity beyond belief and the fact that kids and teenagers workout and exercise at minimal rates, adds to the doom and gloom of the situation. Here is an idea - let's replace video games and othe

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