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obesity in America

  1. Put Your Foot On Obesity's Throat!

    Obesity has reached an all time high in America. This is due to poor eating habits, as well as inactivity caused by laziness. Exercise and physical fitness are typically moved to the back of the mind once people mature, become fully employed and have family responsibilities. However, one should realize, as we become older and we are less active throughout our everyday life, we must dedicate more time, rather than less, towards exercising and doing as much as possible to stay healthy and physically fit. Unites States citizens eat too much, don't exercise enough and rely on pills for their well being, this has to change. People in America need to fully understand the importance of using gym equipment regularly, in order to reach optimal levels of health and fitness. Parents have a great responsible to keep their children healthy and fit. Shopping for exercise machines excites people. They wonder how much better they could look and feel if in fact they used fitness equipment daily, or on

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  2. 25% of Adults in the Unites States are "Inactive", 25% Are Obese.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults need to spend at least 30 minutes on exercise per day, for a minimum of 5 days per week, to maintain a healthy body weight. Do you exercise for at least two and a half hours each week? You may not. One fourth of all adults living in the US are "inactive" and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Yet, no politician or celebrity ever speaks out against obesity and just says "what the hell is going on here? Why are we all so damn fat?!" There are 1440 minutes in each, there is no excuse for not finding a way to use 30 of those minutes  each day for exercise. There are approximately 80 million adults in the United States who are obese. Saturated with national media coverage of war, gas prices, politics, and unemployment, Americans get sidetracked and become complacent in their lethargic, fast-food-eating ways. People are getting fat. Not like cute fat, or small l

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  3. Obesity is a Bigger Global Health Problem than Hunger

    There has been an extraordinary shift in the world-wide health. According to an article in the British medical journal the Lancet, hunger is a hunger is not the biggest global threat towards human health anymore, obesity is. Children that used to die due to infectious disease are surviving at higher rates than ever due to treatment, however, kids are now more obese and are getting sick from being too fat. It doesn't take a think-tank of Nobel Prize winners to realize that humans are starting to eat far more than they need to.  These days, people don't eat to live, they live to eat. People eat too damn much and we're just not doing enough to educate the public on the dire consequences of poor eating habits. After all, Michelle Obama came out and said that kids should eat more fruit and vegetables and that somehow got her tagged as a socialist. The woman essentially said two plus two equals four and not everyone agreed with her. It was weird. One person said

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  4. Our Nation is Too Fat

    Maybe you should take a look around the next time you go out to eat. Wow, we are getting fatter by the day here in the USA and there is no end in sight. Will we as Americans ever own up to the fact that it is disgusting that out nation is so alarmingly overweight? This is a real crisis. While half of the world survives on less than $2 a day, we spend far more than our fair share of time and money, consuming food. While hundreds of millions of people starve, we eat far more than we should, all while people who breath and bleed like us starve to death everyday. Stop eating so much. When you feel like eating, eat some peanuts, drink some water and then run on a treadmill. Go burn some calories on a StairMaster stair-climber. Whatever you do, do not become not let yourself look like the rest of these 200+ pound animals on we see scarfing down Big Macs everyday.

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