Organic Foods - Are They "Worth" It?

Reducing exposure to toxic chemicals in your food is an easy decision if your wallet can afford buying organic produce. With that said, the true math behind it all proves that an organic diet costs relatively the same as a traditional diet. For those that are reading this and shaking your heads in disagreement, do the actual math on it and then get back to me. Without laying down the entire argument for why organic food isn't more expensive than regular food, I'll just remind you that a "value meal" at at fast food restaurant will costs over 6$ on average and that 6$ worth of organic foods from Trader Joes or your local market, will provide far more nutritional value than the former. Since toxins accumulate as they go up the food change, buying organic animal products is the most important for your health. Organic, hormone free chicken and free-range grass fed-beef products are no brainers to buy, once again, if they don't break your bank. Fruits such as peaches, apples and berries ar

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