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  1. What's Better? Precor or Life Fitness?

    What fitness equipment brand is the best? Precor or Life Fitness? If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what was better between the two, well, you know the saying. People love asking those who are the know, what brand is their favorite between the empirically recognized Life Fitness and Precor brands, often times, with the intent to showcase their perspective on the matter. Life Fitness produces award winning exercise equipment year after year and has done so for over two decades. Precor has done the same. There are no substantial mechanical or structural advantages held by one company over the other. Stick with the Precor or Life Fitness equipment that you are used to. That is the answer to the question of which brand is better. For those that have never used Precor or Life Fitness exercise equipment, neither brand is better than the other, both are great. Therefore, it comes down to what the user feels more comfortable on. Some people love the fact that Precor cross-trai

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  2. Weight Lifting Tips: Focusing on Fundamentals, Form & Technique

    The better technique you have, the less your body becomes susceptible to injury.  From an athletic perspective, people who use superior technique, typically prevail over those who do not. Proper technique and form are the most important variables associated with lifting weights and if you want to protect yourself from pulled muscles and other weight lifting related injuries, you ought to make sure you are fundamentally sound. Strength training can become an ergonomic nightmare for those who choose to neglect the fact that one must remain in a safe, sturdy and balanced position, at all times when using free weight equipment, in order to decrease the chance of injury. The classic line, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog" is as applicable to weight training, as it is to fighting. Inferior size can be overcome by anyone who emphasizes technique and body positioning above all else. Practice through numerous sets and repetitions is on

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    1) Mind over Matter Consistent exercise, and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, are all fundamental necessities, if one wishes to optimize their health and level of physical fitness. However, people often forget that the everyday battle we fight versus obesity and lethargy, is won upstairs with our brain. Our research, done through interviewing physical fitness trainers and psychologists, is that although the human brain does so many great things, it can also play tricks on our bodies and deter us from exercising at times. For example, you may think that you feel tired or sore, and that your body is better off resting for a couple of days, but in reality, your body is willing and able to exercise, free of overwhelming fatigue and muscle cramping.  You may try and rationalize not working out by convincing yourself that you don’t have the time, energy, or that you will go the next day, so on and so forth. Do not let these so
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  4. Commercial vs. Residential Fitness Equipment

    The Life Fitness 95Xi is one of the most used elliptical machines ever manufactured. You can find this awesome, gym quality elliptical trainer, at almost any health club in the nation. Typically, this Life Fitness elliptical would be a rare find in someones home. For the most part, people have lighter and more portable fitness equipment in their home, whereas gyms must have heavy-duty, long lasting exercise gear. With that said, some people just want to have real gym equipment at home and that is perfectly understandable. If you have the cash to pay for the best exercise equipment, there's no reason not to. But for the rest of us, let's figure out if buying commercial gym equipment for our home really makes sense. In order for fitness equipment to be "club quality", there are several features that it most possess. First of all, the fitness equipment must be safe and effective. If exercise equipment is not safe and effective, then there is no reason to use it. Next, the fitness equipme

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  5. Adding Creativity to our Exercise Helps!

    The topic today is going to be the different ways to get in shape through using various pieces of exercise equipment. People tend to get stuck inside the box and let their workouts become dull and mundane over time and once exercises become more like a chore than anything else, the mind becomes disinterested and the body becomes disengaged. Daily exercise is like most things that are good for you. Not fun. Running miles on your favorite Precor treadmill will be fantastic for your health, however it will be the furthest thing from fun, unless you sincerely embrace the workout. However, there is a way to have some fun when you run on your treadmill , or lift weights on your home gym and that is by keeping detailed statistics of your exercise sessions and listening to music while you work out. By tracking your workout and carefully watching the amount of miles you are running and the amount of time it is taking you, it becomes easy to set goals for yourself  when you exercise. &nbsp

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