The Prohibition of Sugary Drinks

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, has tried his best to limit the amount of soda one can buy in one drink, but he is running out of time. Prohibiting large amounts of high-calorie, sugary soft-drinks sales, has proven to be easier said, than done. While Bloomberg and his constituents have argued that attacking the sales of over-sized soda's will deter obesity, his opponents have argued that the government should not be allowed to determine what portions of food we should eat and that such bureaucratic overreaching is detrimental towards our  individual liberties. The American Beverage Association put a halt to Bloomberg's brief sugary drink ban when the ABA was successful in getting a State Supreme Court in Manhattan to stop New York City from limiting the purchase of soft drinks deemed to large by Bloomberg. The judge dismissed Bloomberg and the city's claims that banning "extra-large" soft-drinks is constitutional. Today, the city was back in court, this time in an

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