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  1. When Should You Start to Exercise?

    If not now, when? When I hang out with my friends I needle them sometimes if I feel they are too out of shape, lazy or just too damn fat. Some of them just tell me they hate exercising and ask me to stop being annoying, but most of them just say that it just isn't the right time. Well why not? People frequently tell me that they have too much work or that they are in the midst of constructing a comprehensive, well thought out exercise routine and that the current moment just isn't the time to get started. What is it about the present moment that scares people so much? Why are people so quick to say that they will workout in the future, or that they used to workout all the time but had to stop for some reason? Using the past or future as an excuse to justify not exercising will not do you any good. Keep it real. Live in the moment and don't make excuses.

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  2. Exercising at Night - The Optimal Way

    When it is dark, cold and dangerous, running outdoors at night can be a bad idea. However, exercising in the comfort of your own home can be made easy through purchasing home fitness equipment. Eliminate the times that you feel like going for a long run or walk, but the conditions of night end up deterring you and you end up sitting at home in front of the TV eating a bowl of ice cream. There are only a couple times a day where we have the optimal amount of energy for exercising, do not let those times pass you up, because you do not want to take the necessary steps in order to get a good workout in. For some, that may mean not bundling up and running outside blindly in the cold of night. For other, that may mean not driving 15 miles to the gym you belong to. Home exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, stair climbers and home gyms, are necessary in order for you to take advantage of each and every time you are at home and have the urge to exercise!

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  3. Customer Testimonial

    I wanted to write this blog for a couple reason; first I figured if I put this stuff in writing it would make it that much harder to back out of, and second I wanted to let anyone who puts limitations on themselves know that anything is possible. One year ago today I quit smoking and drinking alcohol, I was 27 at the time and it seemed my life was going know where. I started working out to relieve stress and it wasn't to long until I was absolutely hooked. Initially I started running for 20 to 30 minutes and trust me when I tell you it was nearly impossible. Because I live in a city where running outside is only possible half of the year, I decided I would need to either join a gym or get some fitness equipment for my house. Because of my rigorous work schedule I went for the in home routine. I found the Kings Of Cardio on line and ended up purchasing a treadmill. I bought a

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  4. Stay Fit with Exercise Equipment @ Home

    The recent increase in the amount of people in the United States that purchase fitness equipment for their home is a good sign. Are we finally realizing that happiness is attained through gym equipment rather than designer clothes? We here at Kings of Cardio sure hope so! Recently in the news, there has been even more coverage focused around heathcare, than the average daily dosage. It is well known that the U.S.A. is the only first world nation on the planet that does not offer a comprehensive, universal healthcare system. The counter argument to that is something in the realm of "well that's why we have the best doctors." That argument is flawed to say the least. Our nation is not even in the top 10 when it comes to highest life expectancy rates! Why? One reason is that 9/10 people would be clueless if you asked them what an elliptical is, or what a stair climber is, or what their favorite piece of fitness equipment is. Home gym equipment, gym equipment, sports equipment, or weight

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