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summer exercise tips

  1. The Secret Towards Success? Get Out of Bed and Move Forward!

    What's the secret formula for living life to the fullest? It's quite simple actually. The answer is to get out of bed and move forward. Stop procrastinating and day dreaming about how awesome it would be to live an active life full of exhilarating excursions. Just do it! Once you acknowledge that you can accomplish far more than you realize, you will build confidence and an increasing desire to do new and fun activities. I know, it's hard to believe, after letting your guard down for the past decade eating chips on the sofa in your home, that you still have the ability to blow up your your sedentary lifestyle and create a new reality in which you don't sit on your ass 24/7. But you can change, and it's easier than you think. Whenever you truly consider beginning a new workout plan, you are terrified and excited at the same time. However, your fear will subside as your confidence builds and you will quickly notice yourself transitioning into

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  2. 6 Fitness Tips for Summer Workouts

    The mass proliferation of the limitless, adventurous activities that Mother Earth bestows upon us during Summer every year, is on the horizon. Optimize your exercise routine for Summer and you will be a step ahead of the curve. Longer and hotter days are just some of the variables we have to juggle throughout summer. Hydration becomes crucial factor and as intuitively obvious as the necessity for water is, still many people actually neglect their body's thirst for water. Even when you are not thirsty, make sure you replenish yourself with fluids.  Here are some fitness tips for the Summer so you can beat the heat! 1.) Be An Early Riser: The saying that says if you can't beat it, then join it, does not work here. Extreme summer heat is can make exercising outside miserable. You can't just say, "**** IT!" and go run in 100 degree heat daily for 3 months. You'll fry. Instead, do your best to avoid the sun. Wake up early and get your routine in before 9am.

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